Playlist of the Week: SYREETA

SYREETA Playlist
Oct 19, 2022
UK DJ and all-around dance floor favourite SYREETA shows off her versatile clubland style with some choice tunes for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Hi I’m SYREETA. You’ve most likely seen my name flying around this summer, I’ve been mainly in Ibiza playing for most of my favourite parties, including Music On, Elrow, and ANTS to name of few, as well as most of the UK festivals.

My style could possibly be described as a little unusual, but for me, it’s the only way, as being authentic means everything. When I am playing, I aim to create a journey with different twists and turns, and I do that by mixing different styles of house, and vibes, whilst I love playing unreleased music from up-and-coming producers, there are always moments for those timeless tracks that I love so much. I like to have what I call ‘gear changes’ so for example, in a three-hour closing set, I recently played a mix of deep tech house, breaks, and techno with a dash of jackin’, the most important thing is the groove and to ensure it flows, it’s important to read the room and to create a vibe with people so that they trust the journey you’re taking them on….

The tracks I have chosen are some of the timeless ones I mentioned, with tracks that just make my heart smile when I play them. I hope you enjoy, and see you on the dance floor soon!

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Maya Jane Coles, Nocturnal Sunshine – Foundation [I/AM/ME]
Maya Jane Coles has been an icon for me for many years. What I love about her is that she has always been true to herself. She is an absolute wizard in the studio, who makes everything from hip-hop, techno, melodic and then some. I love everyone one of her aliases, and it’s mind-blowing for me to have gone from collecting and playing her music, to having the same management to sharing the same stage. This is one of my favourite tracks by Nocturnal Sunshine.
Dave DK – Palmaille [Kompakt]
This is one of the 1st tracks I bought when I started DJing, I love melodic house and this track just resonated emotions when I first heard it, and created this whole story to go along with it. I buy a lot of music that I might not play out immediately, but with the thought that there will be a moment for this one day.
Enzo Siragusa – Sagamore [Fuse London]
I had collected a lot of music, but this was one track that made me want to start DJing. Every Sunday, I went to Fuse or (Church) as we all called it and when this track came out, I was amazed how a track with so little elements could spark so many feelings. Every time it was played, you would look at the person next you and share this instant connection, and that feeling is what I wanted to be able to give to others.
Basement Jaxx – Fly Life [XL Recordings]
I don’t think I need to say much about this, the legendary Basement Jaxx delivers again another iconic track that will be played in 20 years’ time and still get that same reaction of when you first heard it. I mean, how can you not have this in your collection?
Rene Wise – Shaman Whistle [Blueprint Records]
Not everyone knows I love and play Techno, but I have been grateful to have had the opportunity to play at Watergate for He.She.They and Monegros festival on the Techno Cathedral stage. Coming up, I will be playing at the legendary Florida 135 in Spain, where I’ll get to lay down those dark tribal techno sounds I love. Rene Wise is one of my favourites for that sound.
Dan Ghenacia, Chris Carrier – Vaporized [MFF (Music For Freaks)]
When I was 1st introduced to Freak N’Chic label, Dan Ghenacia became one of my favourite producers. I love the way he fuses different genres and sounds together and gives you this deep exotic twist. I love all his collaborations with Chris Carrier and Phil Weeks. This is one of my favourites.
Mr. G – Let Down (Badly) [Phoenix G]
I think most of the DJs in the world will definitely have a track of some kind by the legend Mr. G. When I hear his name, I just think FUNK. His live sets are incredible. Watching him is so much fun as he doesn’t take himself seriously and loves to show off those cool dance moves he has. Picking a track by him was hard as they are endless, but this is defo one I love to play when I get the chance.
Daniel Orpi – Deep Inside [Rawthentic]
Daniel Orpi is a very talented Spanish producer, you can usually find one of his amazing tech rolling productions in my sets, I always look forward to his edit releases on Bandcamp as they are certain to bring fire on the dance floor. This is definitely someone to watch!
Juliet Sikora – Larrys Garage [Kittball]
I love Kitball and Juliet Sikora, and absolutely fell in love with this track the moment I heard it. I feel like I am transported to where it all began, and imagine being at Paradise Garage just getting hot and sweaty, having the time of my life in a place where you’re surrounded by beautiful souls, all just letting the music take over.
Robert Dietz – Chrome [VIVa MUSiC]
I picked this track because it was the last track I played for my first-ever gig doing a two-hour warm-up set. I will never forget the smiles and looks of my friends, feeling so proud that this was the start of me following my dreams.