Playlist of the Week: WHIPPED CREAM

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Mar 8, 2023
The Canadian figure skater turned transcendent DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter, WHIPPED CREAM, celebrates the arrival of her new Someone You Can Count On EP with some splendid dance floor selects for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Hey, I’m WHIPPED CREAM. I am a producer, artist, and DJ. I like to make all kinds of music. My DJ sets always include the same vibe. All genres! Whether it’s a festival or a set in the club, I love playing out a diverse selection of records. What I do as a music producer is really shown & felt during my DJ sets — curating energy-fueled performances for fans across the world.

As an intro to my work, I put a new track of mine in here. The rest are all songs I really love, with all sorts of different genres, vibes, and feels. The songs I chose capture underground sounds like Drum & Bass, Electronica, Trap / Wave, Dance, Electro Pop, Dubstep, Bass / Club, and Bass House. My picks also highlight artists that I respect in electronic music, such as Devault, IMANU, Overmono, and others that have a diverse style. I hope you enjoy my picks!

WHIPPED CREAM’s new Someone You Can Count On EP is out now via Monstercat. Buy it on Beatport.

Check out WHIPPED CREAM’s Playlist of the Week on Beatport.
WHIPPED CREAM – Us [Big Beat Records]
This one is one of my favorite songs I have ever made. So I’m plugging it in. “Us” is a song about bringing people together, sound inspired by a movie drive. A road trip record to play on repeat.
WHIPPED CREAM, The Duchess – Be Here [Monstercat]
This is a single on my latest project, Someone You Can Count On, which is a collab with my friend, The Duchess. It showcases my voice and writing with dark bass and heavy cinema influence.
ZHU, Elderbrook – Unbothered [Astralwerks]
ZHU is one of my favorite artists due to his vision and cool sleek sound. It makes me feel confident and fierce listening to ZHU’s work. I really love this record in particular with Elderbrook’s voice on it. It is stunning.
Donnie Sloan, Devault, Ricky Ducati – Nothing But You [Geffen Records]
The is one of my favorite newer artists right now. Devault’s taste and vision are spectacular. I love this record in particular for the melodies and hook. I haven’t played this out yet but can’t wait.
Flume – Highest Building (feat. Oklou) [Future Classic]
One of my favorite Flume songs from more recently. I love the evolution of his record and how it grows slowly. I love ending a set with this kind of experimental vibe and left wanting more.
WHIPPED CREAM, Asian & Crimson Child – The Dark [Monstercat]
One of my more recent releases. This record infuses opera with heavy dark bass cinema, and was one of the most leftfield experiments I had done as a collaboration. It’s meant to feel like you’re in a movie.
BLOND:ISH – Hold Tight (feat. Darla Jade) [SPINNIN’ DEEP]
I love playing this song at after-hour clubs. It’s got such a vibe of every tasting life, Darla Jade’s voice is incredible and BLOND:ISH is one of my favorite producers right now. The journey of this one is taste.
Overmono – Diamond Cut [XL Recordings]
I love this record. I first found it in a clothing shop in London. The simplicity yet bure brilliance of the vocal with the synths really is like butter on break for me.
Devault, Izzy Camina – Heaven’s Gate (Manila Killa Remix) [Ultra]
This is one of my favorite songs to play out right now. It is sexy, dark, full of energy and character. It always makes the club go crazy. Devault really makes some great club records and this is one of them.
Overmono – So U Know [XL Recordings]
I love this record. I hear this sample so much, but I feel like this is where it’s done best. I could repeat this song forever. I love to play this kind of vibe mid set.