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Roland Clark Beatport
Oct 26, 2022
Roland Clark
Following the release of his new Time Travel album, one of house music’s most iconic voices, Roland Clark, selects some of his all-time favorite dance floor hits for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Hello everyone! My name is Roland Clark, and I wanted to firstly thank all of you for supporting my music over the years. I began my career engineering, and it’s where I actually fell in love with house music. My style of music is multi-genre, everything from R&B to techno, and if you can believe it, even country music. I learned early on there are only 12 notes in music, and it’s how we manipulate those notes that make a great song. Regarding my DJ sets, I approach it with wonder, never knowing what I’m going to play. It’s always a surprise to me as well as the crowd, and the energy seems to flow throughout the venue. I may start off with house but could end up with a classic Prince tune. Everyone gets fed at my gigs.

There’s something about looking out into a sea of souls all relating to one source that’s exhilarating. In regards to collaborations, I approach each one like a seductive dance between music and lyrics with the goal of creating a beautiful marriage between the two that will last throughout eternity. There are no divorces in great music. With that being said, my playlist is not a monolith. I have chosen this music for a variety of reasons, mainly because it’s what moves the crowd during my sets. It has everything from the deep dark sensual sounds of Afro house to the hard-hitting drive of techno. Not unlike life, my playlist is a journey on a road to pure delight.

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Roland Clark – The Gathering [Delete International Records]
This is one of my favorites from my recent album — “The Gathering” is based on a chant black prisoners used to sing on the chain gang of the deep south prisons in the early part of the 19th century. The tragedy of their conditions much like ole slaves prompted the prisoners to pass the time of the day away by singing rhythmic chants.
Roland Clark – 100 Zulu Warriors (Black Coffee Vocal Remix) [Tribe Records]
This song has a special meaning to me. I wrote this against a very spiritual-sounding track provided by the man himself, Black Coffee, so I know I needed to ‘make the song with lyrical substance. The song is basically about patience and living in the moment. All good things come to those who wait. Our seeds will grow, just have faith, and give life someday to our way. These words are universal in nature. The track has a tribal calling to it. I could hear my ancestors when I closed my eyes while listening to it.
Honeyluv – 365 (Harry Romero Remix) [Black Book Records]
What can I say about this young lady, I met Honeyluv on Instagram during the peak lockdown time, and she became my Netflix buddy. We’d suggest to each other what was good to watch any given night. Who knew she would be the next sensation in all of house music? (This Guy) I watched her grow into an overnight phenomenon in a short time, and with 365 she def reached any expectations I saw for her, and soon as she showed it me, I knew it was a hit right away, and along with Harry Romero, the track like many of HR track is a driving force. Harry has a way of knowing exactly what sounds work for the dance floor. To live inside this man’s head for a day would be a treat for anyone.
Todd Terry – Jumpin (Wh0 Extended Remix) [Inhouse Records]
I don’t have to tell you that this classic has a permanent apartment, lease paid in full in my heart and head. My brother Todd Terry realistically does not have to release anything new ever again. “Jumpin” does exactly what it was made to do, make you jump. So many people has blessed this tune with a remix, but this one in particular caught my ear. Who put their foot in this one, and when the Beethoven section drops, it’s a wrap for me. The build-up back into the main chorus is magnificent!
Duke Dumont, Roland Clark – Obey [EMI Records]
If I had a dollar for every time I wished I could work with Duke Dumont, I’d have more money than… well, Duke Dumont! Sometimes dreams come true and when approached by Duke to record “Obey” it was a no-brainer. What I love about this track is that it gave me the sensation of my childhood playing at the local arcade, all those quarky sounds the games would make in the background, well Duke put it to a beat. Lyrically Duke wanted a concept of how the people are a like sheep sometimes and just do what they are told by the powers that be. Recorded at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles on a rainy day with just us two and an engineer made writing this quick and easy.
Odd Mob – Left to Right [Tinted Records]
When anyone ask me how do I look so young for my age, my simple answer is I listen to track like “Left to Right” by Odd Mob. A simple beat driven track with catch hooks, including some clever hip-hop samples that make this track a go-to every time during my sets. If you’re not dancing to this track when I play it, you’re in the wrong club. “You can’t do it like me, Shawty don’t do it like me.” Now I just need him to send me some of those drum samples!
Hostel Kidz – Standing in Line [Delete International Records]
If you like pop and deep house and clever lyrics, “Standing In Line” is the tune I rock with.. I like the silky keys that’s marries perfectly with the deep house bassline. Geared more towards radio, this tune def always gets a standing ovation or a visit to the DJ booth by that girl who just “loves it so much” Lyrically about a young lady who feels out of place in every place but still she finds her way to the party, trying to fit in, and mission accomplished when her favorite tune comes up in the DJ’s queue.
Roland Clark, Dean Mickoski – Leave Me Alone (I’m Dancing) (Nicole Moudaber Remix) [Armada Music]
When it comes to techno Nicole Moudaber is one of the go-to producers out there that can deliver techno magic. I wrote “Leave Me Alone” in my head a long time ago, when the one time I wanted to dance at a venue all by myself, people kept approaching me, not because I was Roland Clark, but because they thought I was security because of my stature. Nicole put the icing on the cake with a hard-hitting techno kick and dark mirky keys that puts you in the zone. This is definitely one of my peak hours go to. “Don’t talk to me, I’m dancing!”
Roland Clark – Time Keeps Marching On [Delete International Records]
“Time Keeps Marching” is one of the tunes off my Time Travel album that recently dropped. Lyrically I wrote this to let the listeners know love your life, because when it is over, the world does not stop. It’s much like a merry-go-round. Musically I wanted to keep it simple with a nice subby bass tone and angelic voices scattered throughout the track. I kept lyrics scarce as so the dancer can just enjoy the music and fill in the blank space with thoughts and movement. Early responses are great on this one. I only had a chance to play this out once, but early indication says it’s a go.
Wade – Pan Jabi [Criterio Records]
I love this tune sooo much. I’ve always been a fan of the meeting of culture and house music and Wade has done this with pure genius. Pan Jabi is drives the point home with a nice deep-based tech house groove that includes a classic Indian chant that makes even non-Asian partygoers take notice and then take to the dance floor. I can’t wait to test this in a bigger venue.

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