Playlist of the Week: Magdalena

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Mar 15, 2023
Magdalena .
Germany’s Magdalena lends us her fine-tuned selection skills and zeros in on some majestic dance floor tracks for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

With this playlist, I have selected some of the tracks that have been making a big impact in my recent sets, including the tracks from my Opia EP, which came out in January on Warung Recordings. I wanted to capture deep and groovy soundscapes, playing with light and dark elements; emulating my live sets. I hope you enjoy this playlist and hope to catch you on the dance floor very soon!

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Magdalena – Opia [Warung Recordings]
This is the title track of my EP and I am very proud of it! Although it only recently came out, I have been playing this in my sets for some time now, and feel like it really represents my sound and my performances.
Magdalena – Recycle [Warung Recordings]
Like “Opia,” actually like all the tracks from the EP, they have a very special place in my heart. ‘Recycle’ has been getting a lot of good feedback and I love witnessing the journey it takes people on in my sets.
Magdalena – Alate [Warung Recordings]
‘Alate’ is perfect for late night sets and heating up the dancefloor. It’s dark, heavy and keeps you on your toes!
Magdalena – Back To The Beat [Warung Recordings]
The last track from my Opia EP, but definitely not least. “Back To The Beat” is a dark and stormy number that gains so much power throughout its course. I love playing this one out and watching it in action.
Luka Alessi – Scuze Me
I love the energy this one gives off, and the way it works on the dancefloor. I played it in a lot of my sets and people respond really well to it.
Ivan Masa – Uno [Rose Avenue]
Another track that is right up my street. Ivan is a super talented guy and I remember when I met him for the first time in Italy, he was always playing massive tracks and producing good stuff, so it’s great to see how he is growing.
Yotto – Rhythm (Of the Night) [Armada Music]
I love what Yotto did with this evergreen! It keeps the classic essence of the original, but also incorporates modern club culture, which is euphoric and uplifting. Big track!
19:26, Animal Picnic – XX [Siamese]
Rising star 19:26 is quickly establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the melodic techno industry, with a distinct sound that blends emotional depth with influences ranging from ambient to neoclassical. His collaboration with Animal Picnic has been making waves on the scene, with their track being played by some of the most prominent names in the industry. It’s always a joy to play this collab during a set, as it never fails to bring back the emotions and captivate the audience. A unique sound to make a lasting impact!
Adam Ten, Mita Gami – Golden Boy Remix [Maccabi House]
Another one that I really enjoy playing by Adam. It’s such an explosive number that it basically turns the dance floor upside down! You have to watch out for this fantastic combo, as they’re both on fire at the moment.
Toto Chiavetta – Next To Me [Borders Of Light]
Toto is a super-talented artist who always has fantastic tunes. This one really packs a punch and takes the crowd on a wild ride. It has created some really epic moments whenever I have played this one in my sets.