Playlist of the Week: Airod

Airod Playlist of the Week
Sept 20, 2023
Airod .
French techno don Airod treats us to some bone-chilling, high-octane dance floor weapons for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

This playlist aims to take you on a journey into my distinct vision of techno. I’m happy to share with you some newcomers and established artists shaping the sound of the future.

Having my own label Elixyr, co-owning Molekul Records, and working with labels such as Lenske or Exhale has opened my eyes to the new generation of artists and the new inspiration that’s emerging, teaching me to always innovate on my own and go beyond my limits of my creativity. To be able to tour the world and offer you a palette of new and different sounds is the core purpose of what I’m doing as a producer and DJ — to immerse you in the artist’s universe. That’s why this playlist is a mix of styles, which also describes the diversity of my selections and all the tracks you may hear and experience during my sets. Enjoy!

Airod’s Golden Pills EP is out now via Lenske. Buy it on Beatport.

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Encoded Data – Old School Fever [Elixyr]
Encoded Data is a French duo hailing from Lyon. I received a message on SoundCloud with this track, and I immediately saw the potential of these producers. I didn’t hesitate to sign the track to my label. I play it in all my sets, and the effect is the same every time, no exception: everyone goes crazy.
Blame The Mono – Sub Rock [Absis]
Blame The Mono is a young French duo, both very talented. In this track, you can clearly feel the inspiration of the Chemical Brothers or The Prodigy, a breakbeat tune that is very catchy and very well realized. They’re a duo to watch, very diverse in their releases, and very high quality.
David Strasser – Trust The Process [Akronym]
David Strasser has a style all his own — very energetic but simultaneously melancholy and melodic, with songs that can be listened to alone but also thrill people during shows and festivals.
Riot Code – Devils Daze [Elixyr]
A bewitching, captivating track full of energy, I didn’t hesitate to sign it once I heard it. I often play this one at the end of my set, and I always feel a special atmosphere emerge when it drops. Riot Code is another very promising and talented duo that you should keep an eye on.
Lars Huissmann – Fusion [Mutual Rytm]
He’s no longer an artist to be introduced, with his millimeter-accurate, ultra-catchy tracks, a groove that makes you want to keep going, and hypnotic synths for a pure experience. I love to play this kind of groovy stuff, always giving some fresh air to the set.
Somewhen, Coco Paloma – Restless [R Label Group]
For me, this track is a hit, combining all the codes to remain timeless and a melody that remains engraved in the head, an arrangement that remains simple without overdoing it, but that’s the complexity of the track, ultra effective!
Keyo – Kick Into Your Ass [Taapion]
A beautiful production, which I also like to play at the end of my set, with a mood full of melancholy as it is full of energy. Love it.
Lulu – Sesame Season – [Elixyr]
An ultra-catchy track based on groove, repetitive vocals, and tribal sounds — big mood guaranteed when I play it.
Farrago, Part Time Killer – The Keymaster [Exhale]
“The Keymaster” is a very groovy tune full of percussion with a strong psytrance influence, a vocal that adds a layer to the already strong rhythm, resulting in an ultra-catchy track.