Playlist of the Week: Tim Green

Tim Green Playlist of the Week
May 31, 2023
Tim Green
The mesmerizing melodic house artist Tim Green treats us to some of his most euphoric dance floor selects for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

The ten tracks below that I’ve selected are songs that I have played the most in my DJ sets over the last 12 to 24 months. Actually, even one of them is almost four years old! But several of them have only just been released recently, featuring on my recent Balance 031 compilation. But I still play all these songs in my sets now. Which, to me, is the greatest test of a song, where I don’t get tired of playing it after so long. Even though some of them are my own productions, it would make even more sense that I get tired of hearing them, as I do commonly with some of my productions. Especially as you spend so long in the studio going over them before even playing them out countless amounts of times. But so far, these still seem to encapsulate my direction musically and reflect where I am musically right now in my life.

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Underworld – Two Months Off (Tim Green Remix) [Balance Music]
Underworld are a big part of my electronic upbringing. so it was incredible that Balance was able to release this and get it cleared. I’m forever grateful that Underworld was happy to allow Balance to release my remix. As I originally made this unofficially, just more a bootleg only for myself, with never the intention for it to be released. I’m so happy it’s finally out there now, as I made it originally back in 2021.
mredrollo – Playces [For A Memory]
I recently released this amazing track on my label, For A Memory. Ed (mredrollo) had been sending me a fair bit of his music for a short while before this track, and I was playing everything he sent me. Always delivering great groovy music, extremely well thought out, simple (in a good way) and efficient, only using exactly what is needed to convey the song in the best possible way. I love this kind of songwriting, where you really boil it down only to the essential ingredients. Good pop music can be like this, I think, with The Beatles being one prime example, I think where they just created only what was necessary. But he’s a really exciting producer for me and somebody who I think will be one to watch! I’ll be releasing some more music from him in the future, also.
Sébastien Léger – In A Distorted Galaxy [Lost & Found]
I play Seb’s tracks all the time, in every set. This was one of my recent favourites from him. Musical and groovy, but with a dirty bassline! Great fusion of different vibes going on. I like when Seb experiments with fusing different vibes together.
Serious Dancers – Callahan (Tim Green Edit) [Balance Music]
This was a fairly recent edit that I made, and like the Underworld remix, I only ever intended to keep it for myself and not release it. I make edits all the time for my DJ sets, similar to this one. Sometimes I do very little and just change the structure, for example. Other times it might be adding lots of elements and getting closer to a remix or something. This was fairly minimal in what I did, just adding a few extra drums and percussions. Plus, adjusting the drop to have more impact. Just small elements to lift the song in the areas I felt needed pushing. But again, something I played every set last year and still play a lot now.
Tim Green – Tears [All Day I Dream]
Since I wrote this song back at the end of 2021, I have pretty much played it in every set. Even now, I still play it every set. It’s quite a special song to me, I felt this way when I wrote it. I went through about 3 or 4 final versions, road-testing it and changing ideas. The first versions felt so incomplete to me, and I was struggling, I knew it could be more but wasn’t sure how. But I knew it was a special song from the start and just kept chipping away at it until the final version formed. I feel as though this song is starting to become a song that I think everybody expects me to play each set, which I love!
Obbie – Synesthesia [For A Memory]
Another song I released on my label, For A Memory. Obbie, again is another up-and-coming producer. I think he’s only just starting (musically speaking) on his journey. I think the more he develops his sound, the more special things will happen! I’ll be releasing some more music from him on my label in the future.
Axel Boman – Chestnut Heartsprite (Tim Green Edit) [Balance Music]
This edit is, I think, over, or around four years old now. Can’t quite remember. But again, was just supposed to be for me and my DJ sets. But it’s actually a track I really feel passionate about. The original I just love so much, as soon as I heard it, I knew I wanted to add drums to it. I can’t take any musical credit for this edit, the beauty is all from the great Axel! But I created the edit with many Burning Man memories in my mind. For some reason, the song just reminds me of Burning Man so much, and it takes me back to the Playa every time.
Dulus, Gorje Hewek, Molac – Astro World [Watergate Records]
One of the more recent tracks in this list. I think this song is so much fun and has a great party vibe. I play this song every set, and I wish I had written this song myself! It’s just got this great rolling movement to it, with just the right amount of melodic elements in there. Great tune!
Jim Rider – Two More Days [All Day I Dream]
Been playing this track since last summer now! Such a great crowd-pleaser of a track. Jim is such a great producer, and always so varied, in my opinion. I never quite know what to expect when I hear his new music, which is a good thing. And strangely quite rare nowadays. Lovely track from a lovely friend of mine!
Tim Green, Sébastien léger – Duel [For A Memory]
Quite an obvious choice as well, but this was another track that definitely seems to be quite timeless (so far!). It’s an interesting song, I think, because its got a fair few different genres in there. all fused together to create the final composition. Mainly because originally, it was a song I started myself (before Seb got involved) around five years ago. Pretty much the drums, the first set of hooks, synths, and sub-bass are all mine up until the second drop. Up to this point, it was kind of a tech house track, interesting and okay, but nothing special. My original demo continued like this throughout and was pretty average. I sent it to Seb, and he loved the groove and what I’d done, so he threw his awesome soaring synths on top, and that super funky bassline, and turned it into the special track it is now. Without his parts, the track is fairly boring, I think. But without my parts, his elements wouldn’t have the foundation to shine. So it’s super interesting to me how this track came together in a different-than-usual process.

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