Playlist of the Week: MikeQ

Mike Q Playlist of the Week 1
Oct 4, 2023
MikeQ .
Ballroom culture’s musical icon MikeQ takes us on a brilliant ballroom and vouge-house voyage with some fabulous track selections for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Hello everyone. I go by the name of MikeQ. I am a DJ/producer birthed of the American Ballroom Culture. I got my start playing in the clubs I frequented for a year or two between NJ and NY. I mostly played hip-hop and R&B sets because I had to, but all the while, I was starting to produce in the modern ballroom genre, which was still young and new at the time.

Fast forward through the many years of DJing balls and parties within the two states. My attachment to the culture has led me to extensive international travel for events in and out of ballroom globally. I have more recently been featured as the DJ on the HBO Max TV Show Legendary for all three seasons, and my music has now reached the likes of Beyonce and more. Ballroom music is super interesting and comes from one of the most amazing and entertaining art cultures still alive and well today. These beats allow expression through dance in some very peculiar ways.

This playlist is an ode to ballroom culture, house music, and my New Jersey roots (past and present). Join me as I take you on a sonic journey of these specific impacts on my life and career.

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MikeQ – The Ha Dub Rewerk’d [Fade to Mind]
This track, I feel, was one of those ones for me. From my first EP released on Fade to Mind, this tune is my interpretation of “The Ha Dance” by Masters at Work which is highly regarded in ballroom as its anthem but this version was made for the ballroom floor and it has had an impact in that very same space.
MikeQ – Feels Like (feat. Kevin JZ Prodigy) [Fade to Mind]
Another track from my 2011 EP, this one is back to hotness 12 years after its initial release thanks to Beyoncé sampling this on her Renaissance album for “Pure/Honey.”
The Three Degrees, MFSB – Love Is The Message [Epic/Associated/Legacy]
This has got to be the most classic, legendary beat in ballroom culture and, in my opinion, one of the greatest tracks ever created. This one lives rent-free forever in me.
Armand Van Helden – Witch Doktor [Strictly Rhythm]
Keeping the ballroom vibes another legendary house track ballroom adapted into its culture for use on runways far and near with flexibility in both the voguing and runway categories.
Johnny Dynell, David Ian Xtravaganza – Elements of Vogue (David Depino Mix) [Endless Night Music]
Ballroom eventually would start to get its own music created just for it. This one here is one of the earlier ones that would lead to the modern sound of today. Listen closely, and you’ll hear notes of “Love is the Message,” as the ballroom genre had early starts in sampling.
Karizma – Earth These Beats [R2 Records]
I’ve been playing this track extensively lately especially when I’m in a house music mood. Grew up with “Dance by Earth People” and I love an update on a classic and Karizma is that guy!
Geoffrey C – This Is Hot (Yes Indeedy) [unquantize]
Another spin on a classic that’s been appearing in my recent sets. This one really gets the people going.
MikeQ & Ash B. – Legendary [Qween Beat]
Taking another one out of my personal bag and one of my favorite creations that I got to create with my friend and James Blake for the HBO Max TV Show Legendary as it is the theme for all of its three seasons. Although the show was canceled, you can expect a ton of remixes of this one to be released very soon.
Vjuan Allure – Runway Diva (Vjuans Elite Re-run) [Prjkts]
You can’t discuss anything about ballroom music and not bring up the father of the modern sound of ballroom and my initial inspiration for what I do as a producer of ballroom music. Resting in the heavens above us now, this is one of his sick creations of more beatz than we can even imagine existing.
Masters At Work – The Ha Drop (Kenny Dope Remix) [MAW Records]
It’s nothing but a true gift to me when MAW goes and remixes their legendary classic “The Ha Dance,” the beat of ballroom’s life and I hope you enjoy this one too.