Playlist of the Week: Carlita

Carlita Playlist of the Week
Jun 7, 2023
Carlita C
The esteemed DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Carlita shares some of her most successful best club weapons ahead of her summer circuit for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Hey, this is Carlita. I’m a Turkish/Italian DJ & Producer based out of New York. In this playlist, you will find a variety of tracks that I love for many different reasons. Some I have been playing in a lot of my sets lately and some are favorites of mine to listen to away from Djing. There’s a mix of big club hits, both new and old and a couple of new releases of mine, all to help you get you in the mood for the summer. Hope you enjoy it!

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Rex The Dog – Change This Pain For Ecstasy (Extended Version) [Kompakt]
This is a track I’ve been playing a lot recently, and it always gets incredible reactions. The vocal is super catchy and I love seeing the crowd singing the words to it.
Kungs, Carlita – Shadows [Universal Music]
New release from Kungs and myself. We had been working on this together for a long time and have been playing it for over a year now. It’s so great to finally see this one released.
Paul Johnson, Airwolf Paradise – Only Man [Diynamic]
I’ve always been a huge fan of Paul Johnson from when I first started getting into djing. He is one of the pioneers in the Chicago house music scene and his production has always inspired me. His signature disco loops and vocals will never be forgotten. This is a great recent release and is a serious dance floor banger.
Antss – Outta My Head [Organic Pieces]
Slightly heavier track than what I usually play, but I do love a bit of techno when the time is right. When I need to go a bit deeper and darker, this one always works very nicely.
Nina Kraviz – Tarde [Nina Kraviz Music]
Definitely not a song played in my shows however it’s one of my most listened to tracks recently. I love seeing this side of Nina Kraviz, it’s so different to what she is “known” for and her voice is so beautiful in this track.
Floorplan – Save The Children [M-Plant]
What’s not to love about Floorplan. A father and his daughter making absolute bangers. I love how they manage to bring an element of gospel to their sound, this one works every time.
Gallegos – Lushed Out [Aurore 404]
I’ve only recently discovered Gallegos but from the first listen I instantly loved this track, super catchy and great vocal in the middle of the track, there is also a really nice remix from Ian Pooley which is worth checking out.
Demi Riquisimo – Talk To Frank [Life And Death]
Coming out very soon on Life & Death, Demi is an amazing producer, everyone should go check out his label Semi Delicious as there are some great tracks to be discovered.
Carlita, Andhim – Nation (Extended Mix) [Life And Death]
New one from Andhim and me. Andhim are one of my favorite musical duo’s and getting the opportunity to work together was so much fun. This has been a regular one in my sets ever since we first tried it out for Cercle back in Rome.

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