Playlist of the Week: Cora Novoa

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Apr 12, 2023
Cora Novoa
The Galician DJ/producer Cora Novoa takes us on a sweltering journey through some of her favorite tracks with Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Here you have a little bit of me in music selection format. It’s the best way to know my musical identity and the selection of genres in some of my DJ set. I love techno, electro, and electronica but also urban music, trap or Ballroom. There is also something that is always present in my sessions, and that is my own edits. I love to use my own versions of my favorite tracks. This way, I have unique tools to tell different stories.

I have also tried to include classic tracks that have been and are present in my sets, and although I have not been able to include as many as I would like, I hope you like it and that this helps you to get to know me a little better, welcome to my world!

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Cora Novoa, Bryte – Gogo Gaga [Seeking The Velvet]
This collaboration is very special for me because I’m bringing together the 2 musical worlds that move me: techno and urban music. Besides that, working with Bryte has been amazing, he is one of the most promising rappers and singers in Ghana, and shaping this production with such a close and professional person has been a luxury. Apart from the vocal collaboration we have shaped a remix contest on the web3 and we also launched an exclusive videoclip shot in iconic places of Barcelona such as the Razzmatazz club.
The Exaltics, Helena Hauff – Futuros [Solar One Music]
Helena Hauff and The Exaltics are two of my favorite producers, and this track is recurrent in my sets. Fresh electro perfect to start a set. Besides the vinyl is a beauty and pays homage to the sci-fi universe.
Planetary Assault Systems – Twelve (Psyk Rework) [Mote Evolver]
Este rework de Psyk está guardado en la carpeta de “CLASSICS”, así que ya os podéis hacer una idea de todo lo que lo he pinchado. Me encanta la re-construcción que ha hecho Manuel del original “Twelve”.
A Number Of Names – Shari Vari (The Hacker & Vitalic Remix) [Lektroluv]
This is a classic of my classics, the original track is more than 40 years old and is a work of art. It takes me back to my first years of clubbing in my first club, Coppelia 101 in Madrid. This remix by The Hacker & Vitalic takes the original to another level and I still and will continue to play it.
Cora Novoa – Technological Systems [Turbo Recordings]
This track is one of my favorites, and represents part of my sound identity to perfection. Hypnotic techno straight to the dancefloor. It is included in my latest release for Turbo Recordings.
Umwelt – Dead Eyes Society [Monom Black]
I really like to work on my own edits of the tracks I like the most, so I have exclusive tools to play with, and with this Umwelt track I couldn’t resist getting my hands on it. It’s definitely one of the tracks I’m currently playing more, and that gives name to the latest album of the French producer.
Meshes – Joy [Sagol]
Meshes is one of the new signings for my label SEEKING THE VELVET. He is a very talented producer with an incredible musical universe, I feel very close to his work and he has a very bright future ahead of him. I play this track a lot, and it’s perfect for warmup.
Locked Club, Roman The Legend – Rabotaet [Boysnoize Records]
These kind of tracks, dark, mental and pure electro, are my favorite to play in the middle of the night, people go crazy. I love everything Locked Club does.
LSDXOXO – Sick Bitch [XL Recordings]
Since the release of “Sick Bitch” it has been a key tool for my sets. I really like all the work that LSDXOXO is doing and I think this release with XL Recordings was the seed of the great career that Raushaan is doing.
Molzk – Urubu is Dead (Cora Novoa Remix) [VERTIGE RECORDS]
This has been one of my last remixes, and I love the result. Raw techno straight to the dancefloor; I always play it in my sets and in my live performances. As soon as I listened to the original track I knew I wanted to add some vocals to talk about the “closing track” of all the sets, to evoke that moment when the lights are turned on and that means the last minutes of sweat and dancing in the club, and that’s what I did, I recorded the vocals and incorporated them into my remix.
Jensen Interceptor, DJ Fuckoff – Boy U Nasty [Dance Trax]
Jensen is one of my favorite producers, and this EP that DJ Fuckoff collaborated on is absolutely insane. I can’t get enough of “Boy U Nasty.”
Randomer – Sleep of Reason [Headstrong]
Johan is a super complete artist, his DJ sets are fire and his productions are from another planet. I love everything he is releasing, and the label he has with Clouds, the imprint Headstrong — where this “Sleep of Reason” has been released — is one of my favorite labels.
[KRTM] – Constipated Monomania [Arts]
[KRTM] is one of the producers of this new raver wave — whatever he does, I love it. A track can start one way and end another, but everything always has the [KRTM] sound. However, for this “Constipated Monomania” I made my own edit with a different structure that you can hear in my last exclusive mix for SLAM Radio, as I open with it.