Playlist of the Week: Chloé

Chloe Playlist
Jun 21, 2023
Chloé .
French electronic music luminary Chloé brings her two decades of expert selector experience to Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

I take the mic on Beatport to share some of the music I like. I didn’t follow any specific rule about staying absolutely club bound. I also wanted to share more generally the zone I’m in when I’m playing in a club (or not). Each set can differ depending on the moment and the space I’m performing at. It’s this freedom that allows me to build a set. I’m always trying to find something that’s a bit off the beaten track, but the main thing is to get a feel for people and listen to them while remaining demanding and having fun.

Check out Chloé’s Playlist of the Week on Beatport.
Niv Ast – Bag of Hopes [Band Apart]
“Bag of Hopes” is taken from Niv’s excellent album. You can always recognize his style in a production: it goes from punk rock and dreamy disco to club-oriented. I dig the psychedelism his music offers and he often adds mesmerizing repetitive words or anthems.
You Man – Doors To Shambhala [Lumière Noire Records]
You Man are French artists I’ve been following since the very beginning of the project, and I dig their production, what we could call a kind of ‘dark disco style’ combined with eclectic tastes. This single announces the release of their EP on my label, Lumière Noire Records.
Chloé – Warm Gun [Verticale Barbieturix]
I contributed to the second Barbi(e)turix compilation with this track. Barbi(e)turix is the name of a collective of girls, an alternative, musical, feminist movement that has been organizing girls’ nights for a few years now. I have played at their parties since the real beginning. The compilation reflects a feminist & queer musical scene, with the desire to shine the spotlight on queer and female electronic artists. It includes 18 wicked tracks alongside many talented female producers!
DJ Hell – Robot Voices (Westbam Edit) [DUATRECORDS]
I’ve always had the feeling DJ Hell’s music makes me grow. From International DeeJay Gigolo label to his own production and DJ sets, DJ Hell has always stayed true to his love of EBM and electro. That one track is just a beautiful banger.
Everything But The Girl – Nothing Left to Lose (Four Tet Remix) [Buzzin Fly Records]
I discovered Tracy Horn in 1994 on the amazing track “Protection” from Massive Attack. After this, Everything But the Girl released a melancholic/ deep house electronic music album haunted by Tracy Horn’s voice. Twenty-four years after their previous one, they released a new album this year, drawing on everything from electronica to dubstep, ambient, and house music. Here is an instrumental remix version by Four Tet of “Nothing Left to Lose” that is deep and melancholic. I dig it!
Isolée – Clap Gently [Resort Island]
Isolee is one of those artists I have known and loved the music since the real beginning. Since his beautiful poetic track “Beau mot plage,” he has always given us a kind of caring break in the middle of the electronic scene. “Clap gently” is taken from his beautiful album that was just released this May, Resort Island.
Danse Alice – Wild Horses Ou Les Roses Sauvages (Isa Gordon Remix) [Lumière Noire Records]
I remember first falling in love with Isa Gordon’s EP on Optimo Records. Her sound is very singular and digs between acid and psychedelic. Here, Isa Gordon has revisited Danse Alice track, flirting with experimental glitch and sounds. Danse Alice is a French duo created by artist Remain, who has released a plethora of good music on his label Meant. The whole EP is just amazing, and it’s out on my label, Lumière Noire Records.
Chloé, Vassilena Serafimova – Mare a Mare (Irène Dresel Remix) [Lumière Noire Records]
The original version of “Mare a Mare” is composed with my duo, partner marimba player and percussionist Vassilena Serafimova, and taken from our album Sequenza. We’ve been touring our electronic/acoustic live show for a few years now, and the album is the result of a few years of touring that made our music grow. This version of “Mare a Mare” is a remix by amazing French producer Irène Dresel. I’m so glad Irène has brought her high-colored techno & wild psyche to our track. It pulls the music into her own world!
High Season – aAria [Permanent Vacation]
High Season is a back-to-back hybrid project we have created with my friend Ben Shemie. We started to collaborate a few years ago on the track “Recall” — taken from my previous album Endless Revisions and decided to take it further. Far from the obvious, “aAria” is taken from our joint album, The Call, and is the result of collisions, reactions, and psychedelic syntheses. It is inspired by kraut rock, ambient, minimal techno, and cold wave.