Playlist of the Week: LEVEL UP

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Apr 19, 2023
Los Angeles dubstep champion LEVEL UP puts us on to some of her best hair-raising productions and favorite tracks for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

I’m so thrilled to share this playlist with you filled with a mixture of heavy, melodic and experimental songs. My goal was to create a playlist that embodies both my own musical journey and the artists who have inspired me along the way.

Featuring a blend of my original songs released on my label Summoning Circle and tracks from some of my favorite musicians across genres, this playlist is a representation of who I am as an artist and what influences me. Each track has been carefully curated to showcase my passion for music and creativity. Every song on this playlist holds a special place in my heart and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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LEVEL UP, Austeria, TINYKVT – Karmic Retribution [Summoning Circle]
This track is from my newest EP – SHADOW SYMPHONY. This song has been a huge one to play out live with its spooky melody, vocals and high-energy bass. Collaborating with Austeria and TINYKVT was amazing as our sounds all blended together cohesively!
LEVEL UP – Scared Of The Dark [GRVDNCR]
This is the title track of my first-ever debut EP. I’m so thrilled with all the love it’s gotten over the years and how far I’ve evolved since then. This song is currently used as my set intro because it has the right energy to start the night off strong! It’s easily become a fan favorite.
LEVEL UP – Mind Alter [Summoning Circle]
I have so much fun watching everyone’s interpretations of this song, seeing how many people enjoy listening to it at home, and how it evokes emotion. Mind Alter has also been incredibly fun to close out my set with this past year!
LEVEL UP, Chassi – Ascension [Summoning Circle]
Ascension is the title track off of my Coven EP. It’s been a huge staple in my set and always gets the biggest reaction. This one is perfect for a live setting and never fails to bring the energy to an all time high.
LEVEL UP, Michael Swank – Vessel [Summoning Circle]
Vessel has been one of my favorite songs to make as I really wanted to blend some of my favorite genres into one. This song never fails to brighten up the mood and switch up the vibe!
Flume, MAY-A – Say Nothing (feat. MAYA-A) [Future Classic]
Flume will always be one of the most respected and genius producers. I’ve been playing the intro of this song in my most recent sets and it’s been so fun watching how it instantly brings smiles to everyone’s faces in the crowd.
LEVEL UP – Sour [Summoning Circle]
This track holds a special place in my heart because it was the first time I incorporated vocals in one of my songs. Sour combines the perfect balance of meaning and emotion, as well as dark and heavy sounds.
LEVEL UP, Echo Drone – Infotech [Summoning Circle]
Infotech is another track on my Coven EP and this collaboration with Echo Drone never fails to start mosh pits whenever it’s played! This one was absolutely made to get everyone moving with its fake outs, heavy sounds and high energy.
LEVEL UP, Point.Blank – Drop That [Summoning Circle]
This collaboration with Point.Blank on my Coven EP was so enjoyable to make and really highlights how two different artists’ sounds can come together perfectly to create a special-sounding track. The crowd always gets excited to hear this one live!