Playlist of the Week: Drunken Kong

Drunken Kong Beatport Playlist
Jul 5, 2023
Drunken Kong
Japanese techno duo Drunken Kong raises their glasses to Drumcode and some of their favorite producers for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Hello! This is Drunken Kong! We are a duo based in Tokyo, Japan.

We got our name from taking our initials — D and K — and wanted to come up with something unique. At the time, it was purely for fun! We never imagined that we would be releasing on world-renowned labels such as Drumcode, Tronic, Terminal M, and more.

As you can guess, we love to drink, haha! We love beer, wine, and Japanese sake!

Our main focus in music is to make something original and driving — energy is the key. We love to have different influences in our music, and we have a mindset to be 100% open to new ideas. Genre and style don’t matter to us. Good music is good music!

This playlist features our new release from Drumcode. We are super happy to be able to release an EP from this amazing label! It’s a label we really respect, so it’s a great honour. Along with our latest release, this playlist includes our recent favorites to play. This playlist will give you a taste of our style in techno. We hope you like it!

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Drunken Kong – It`s Then [Drumcode]
“It`s Then” is our favorite track we have made recently. We feel the vocal and the groove really works well in this track. The mysterious mood of the track is something that stands out to us.
Drunken Kong – I Want To See [Drumcode]
This is a track we have been playing in almost all our sets since we made it last fall. The reactions are amazing every time we play it. We feel it’s a proper peak time track with great drive.
Ramiro Lopez – Amnesia [Filth on Acid]
We instantly fell in love with this track the first time we heard it. The vocal sample used is so nice and dark. Very mysterious vibe with a powerful low end. Perfect track for a warehouse party!
Sam Paganini – Body Rise [JAM]
We have always loved Sam Paganini tracks, and this has been one of our recent favorites. Lovely groove, and the synth stab is just awesome! The energy in the percussions and the rising sound in the break make this track so powerful!
Drunken Kong – That`s It [Drumcode]
Warehouse vibes were the main theme creating this track. Something that is simple but driving to keep the attention of the listeners. This was the main focus of this track, and we are very happy with the results!
Beckers – Switch (Alex Stein Remix) [Terminal M]
We were big fans of the original, so when this remix came out, we were super excited. Alex Stein did a great job making this into a peak-time style track.
Michael Wells (a.k.a. G.T.O) – Pure (Christian Smith Remix) [Tronic]
Great remix by Christian Smith! We really love the groove in this track and the flute sample just gives it a very mysterious vibe which works so well on the dance floor! One of our favorite tracks to play.
Drunken Kong – Need It [Drumcode]
We are really happy with this track. While we focused on peak time style for the other tracks in the EP, this track has a more raw, hypnotic vibe. Super pleased with the groove and energy — a more percussive-based track with a raw feel.
Bart Skils, Weska – Something More [Drumcode]
We have been a long-time fan of Bart Skils. We love the chunky groove that Bart Skils creates. We really like the cinematic feel that this track has in the break, along with a vocal that goes really well. No extra elements needed, just a great rolling groove!
Kaiserdisco – What U Want [KD Raw]
KD Raw is a great label. One of our favorites for the more raw, hypnotic style. While being hypnotic, Kaiserdisco really knows how to keep the drive and groove going, which works super well in our sets when we play more raw-style sets. Kaiserdisco has been crafting amazing productions for a very long time, and we have big respect for these two!