Playlist of the Week: Mathame

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May 3, 2023
Mathame .
The brotherly Italian duo Mathame takes us on a cinematic, trance-inspired adventure that encapsulates their hi-fi emo tech sound for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Hi guys, this is Mathame. First of all, thanks to all of you who read this and have been or will be attending our shows. We recently started presenting our “test show,” utilizing audio and video to try and express a story. Your response has been incredible and has allowed us to go deeper and deeper with the basic idea, which is to conceive a well-rounded experience.

With this playlist, we want to share a line of ideas that are taking shape in a certain part of the electronic scene and that we are particularly enjoying. We want to bring to light the idea of cinematic experience on the dance floor, which, as it happens in our recent field “tests,” is intensified by a close relationship between audio and video. Trance rhythms, film-inspired harmonies and melodies, emo voices here and there, street vocals, almost hip hop-inspired voices that, like actors in a series, tell life stories. A new genre, perhaps?

Check out Mathame’s Playlist of the Week on Beatport.
Gigi D’Agostino – Gigi’s Violin [Media Records]
The father of all contemporary avant-garde tech.
Paul Van Dyk – For an Angel [VANDIT Records]
Perhaps one of the greatest written tunes of those years.
James Holden – Nothing (93 Return) [Black Hole Recordings]
A genius in the service of dance, who then went far and wide.
Astrix, Rising Dust – Universo [Shamanic Tales]
To be played and heard after the first five minutes….
Proxy – Raven [Turbo Recordings]
A classic underdog that we remixed and played as a bootleg…and get ready for a surprise very soon.
Gesaffelstein – Selected Faces [Turbo Recordings]
First and foremost, this is what smart dance electronica sounds like.
El Columpio Asesino, Andre VII – Toro (I Hate Models Speed Up Revival Edit) [Mushroom Pillow]
A Latin up and down that sets the place on fire every time
Fred Again, Skrillex, Four Tet – Baby again.. [Atlantic Records]
When energy can’t be contained — an example of the future. We have recently done a bootleg, giving it an emo tech spin.
Grigore – Combination n2 [Diynamic]
Another example of future street emo tech in its most hard-hitting form.
Disfreq – Innovatir [Diynamic]
Sounds from the future, straight and elegant at the same time, an endless train.
Mathame – So What [Astralwerks]
Our concept of street emo tech — thunder of light with an illegal loudness.
Bigfett – Everything Is Energy [Running Clouds]
An electronic missile capable of scorching the speakers of every venue in the world.
Fatum, biskuwi – The Tide [Odd One Out]
Everything the right way, state-of-the-art sounds, emotion and power.
HOL! – Country Riddim[Create Music Group]
After Four Tet, a dry punctuation mark for every set, a sonic delight.
Camelphat, Mathame – Believe [Astralwerks]
Tech trance? We’re not sure, but emotion and power are in perfect balance.
Adriatique – Beyond Us [Cercle Records]
Elegance in production and incredible vocal work make this track one of the most recent examples of mastery.
Kolsch – All That Matters (ARTBAT Remix) [Kompakt]
Two titans playing gorgeous vocals, an ecstatic moment.
Mathame – Come For You [Astralwerks]
Our ecstatic truth, cf. Werner Herzog.
Jon Hopkins, Kelly Lee Owens, Sultan + Shepard , Gerro – To Feel Again [This Never Happened]
Deep sense of joy and communion, impossible to resist.
Burial – ChemZ [Hyperdub]
Post dance, post trance, post dub, straight from a lane (like Blade Runner).