Playlist of the Week: Kim Anh

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May 10, 2023
Kim Anh
Underground club queen Kim Anh prepares some of her best open-air summer selects for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Hey, it’s your girl Kim Anh here, coming to you from New York City! With summer peeking its beautiful rays just around the corner, it only felt right to celebrate with a playlist for the carefree summer open air.

In this playlist, you’ll find some of my recent releases, including tracks from my latest 12” on Can U Not Talk Records, my feature with legendary Italo disco icon Cerrone, along with some classics and new classics for that good open-air feel. Growing up with the sounds of New York, Chicago, and Detroit dance music, it is very much a part of my fabric. So whether it’s soulful, tough or acid-tinged, it’s got to have a groove. I always try to connect with the dance floor, serving some grit and sharing some euphoria as well.

Be sure to catch me in North America and Europe this summer, and let’s shake it together!

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Kim Anh – House of Virgo (Chris Cruse Spotlight Remix) [Can U Not Talk Records]
This tune has been making the rounds from Panorama Bar to South Asia. When Chris and I first discussed him remixing “House of Virgo,” we talked about a fantasy where the vocal is a more elaborate version from the original – a sort of sexy phone service. She takes different calls from her office at the center of the city where you can even hear passing police sirens in the background. This vocal was recorded especially for his remix.
Cerrone – A Part Of You [Because Music]
There’s an indescribable feeling when you’ve been playing an artist’s records for your entire career and then get a chance to collaborate with them. It’s truly an honor to be the vocalist for this Cerrone’s “A Part Of You.” The horns and the builds really make it a perfect summer tune. It feels like one of those once-in-a-lifetime calls to work with a living legend … I hope this isn’t the last time it happens!
Sueno Latino – Sueno Latino [DFC – Dance Floor Corporation]
This classic deep cut never ceases to thrill me. It’s like stepping into a utopian dream (as per the title). The track is based on cosmic master Manuel Göttsching’s album-length E2-E4, which in a later release (the Winter Version), Göttsching himself added guitar parts to the track. There are a lot of great remixes and edits out there, and I love this one in particular.
Midnight Magic – I Found Love (Perel Remix) [Razor-N-Tape Records]
Midnight Magic are the longtime homies and low-key legends of Brooklyn. They seem to have a knack for hit-making and this new release is no different. The combined girl power of lead singer Tiffany Roth and Perel on this remix is a match made in heaven. Special shout out to the Razor-N-Tape Records crew, who are always holding it down for NYC.
New Digital Fidelity – Horizon [Moods & Grooves Records]
It wouldn’t be summer without a fabulous open air. This track by New Digital Fidelity sends you floating on a lush jazz-infused journey. The breeze grazes your face and everyone around you is now your comrade, toasting drinks and sharing a wink as you move together on the rhythm. “Horizon” harkens back to the more classic side of dance music with a little bit of an afrobeat groove.
Cosmic Garden – Loving Higher [Clone Royal Oak]
“Loving Higher” is the standout track for me on this beautiful 12” release. This all-analog release is ambient, deep, and timeless. When I was thinking of songs that made me feel like rays of light, this track instantly came to mind.
KGB – Detroit 909 [Running Back]
This entire Running Back Mastermix compilation is 10/10 and hasn’t left my turntable since I received it. Selected by Ata and nd_baumecker in celebration of Frankfurt’s wildpitchclub, “Detroit 909” continues to shine since its 1991 original release by Ivan Iacobucci. I remember dancing in the clubs to this when I was just 16 years old, and it really transports me to a beautiful time.
Mark Archer, Masc, Shadow Child – It’s Good [Super Rhythm Trax]
This is an acid banger from a few years ago that I recently played on The Lot Radio. The energy in the DJ booth went through the roof with everyone dancing along. I posted it online and people really responded to the energy of us and the track. Definitely a top-hour weapon good for day or night.
Oall Hates – Adderol [Of Paradise]
This techno bomb is a massive tune. “Adderol” is infectious with raw energy that rains acid down. This is a bit of a deeper cut from UK label Of Paradise. I only discovered Øall Håtes in recent years, but I have been really impressed by his clean and snappy productions.
Eli Escobar – Take Me (feat. Kim Anh) [Night People]
My playlist closes with me and Eli Escobar’s “Take Me” on Night People. Eli and I share the decks a lot and have collaborated on tracks throughout the years. In our latest collaboration, we wanted to create something different, something a little more downtempo. This track is like a peaceful comedown on a sunny day… maybe on an island somewhere!