Playlist of the Week: Lee Ann Roberts

Lee Ann Roberts Playlist of the Week
Nov 24, 2023
Lee Ann Roberts
Hard techno visionary and NowNow label head Lee Ann Roberts brings us a steely selection of high-octane dance floor weapons for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

I’ve curated a playlist that reflects my current musical passions and serves as a canvas of inspiration. It’s a mix of tracks that I am loving at this moment, as well as producers who continually fuel my creative fire. I’ve made sure to spotlight both emerging talents and established artists who continue to shape the music scene, there is loads of flavour here. I also wanted to give you an insight of the exciting artists I’ve had the pleasure of supporting recently and I’m truly excited about their potential to make an impact.

I’m looking forward to sharing new projects with you all soon, lots of exciting things in the pipeline from NowNow and myself:)

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Lee Ann Roberts – Come With Me [NowNow]
“Come With Me” is one of the tracks on my latest EP. I am super happy with all the feedback I have received so far. This track holds a deeply personal significance to me. This particular track was born during a profoundly challenging period following the loss of my mother & It serves as a tribute to her memory and encapsulates the emotions I grappled with during that time. The EP resonates with melancholic elements & is a heartfelt reflection of my personal journey through loss, making this track an integral part of my EP that’s not just a musical creation but a profound emotional journey for me.
Drazzit – Bloodborne [NowNow]
Drazzit is an incredible producer from Barcelona, I am obsessed with their style and has an undeniable talent that resonates deeply with me. Drazzit’s unique approach to music production is nothing short of captivating, drawing me into a world of sound that I find mesmerising. I absolutely love this track “Bloodborne,” it’s gorgeous.
NineTed – Psychedelic Solution [NowNow]
NinTed is a duo hailing from Liverpool. “Psychedelic Solution” is a stunning production. The synergy between the pulsating rhythm, the vibrant psytrance elements culminates in an ultra-catchy track that’s bound to linger in your mind for a while. It’s a testament to the artistry behind crafting a sonic experience that’s both infectious and immersive—a groovy masterpiece that effortlessly captures the essence of rhythm and trance, a beautiful hypnotic opener or closer and we look forward to having them play at our next NowNow event.
OGUZ – Love Me Forever [NowNow]
OGUZ is an amazing producer who I had the pleasure of working with on his Dance With Me EP on NowNow. ‘Love Me Forever’ is pure techno pleasure with rumbling drums and the melodic vocals add a hypnotic feel to it together with the melodies make this track just beautiful.
Chris Liberator, Sterling Moss – I’m Bored (Love Acid Mix) [NowNow]
This track is an oldie but undeniably a goodie, a timeless piece that holds a special significance for me. It serves as a nostalgic reminder of the early influences that shaped my musical tastes, particularly those stemming from the UK’s music scene. Produced by two incredible artists, this collaboration embodies the essence of musical brilliance and has left an indelible mark on my journey as an artist. So much attitude in this one.
Alex Farell – Dancefloor Murderer [SoundCloud Direct]
Alex Farell is a young DJ/producer from the UK, with a style of his own. His ability to seamlessly blend the raw energy of powerful beats with melodic elements showcases a level of skill that transcends mere production — it’s an art form. He is definitely one to watch out for, his music is top!
Danielle Cuiro – Stimulated [NowNow]
This is a very underrated track, in my opinion, and when I heard this EP, I signed it immediately. This track has become a staple in my sets. Danielle is a superb producer, and I’m very happy to have her on NowNow. Her contributions bring a unique and captivating energy to the platform.
Triptykh – Bass Keeps Going [OUTWORLD]
Triptykh has a style of his own – shranzy with an energizing groove, I love playing this track in my sets. What makes this track stand out is its ability to introduce a fresh and distinct element into a set. Its simple yet captivating arrangement draws you in, setting the stage for an immersive musical experience. It’s loads of fun and an absolute banger.
Lee Ann Roberts – We Are All Connected [NowNow]
I really enjoyed making this track. I am completely immersed in 303 lines. The hypnotic and unmistakable sound produced by the Roland TB-303 synthesizer has become an integral part of my musical identity and creative expression as you can clearly hear in “We Are All Connected.”
Alignment – The Sound [KNTXT]
Alignment is an artist that doesn’t need much introduction, he is an incredibly talented producer. This track is timeless, featuring an arrangement that embodies simplicity without sacrificing its captivating essence. Its enduring appeal lies in its ability to strike the perfect balance—an artful simplicity that allows every element to shine without overwhelming the listener. Combining solid melodies with deep bass lines, pumping kicks and reverberating synths to bring the heat in every set, I love playing his tracks and will forever be a staple.