Fred P Picks the Best Japanese House Music in 10 Tracks

Fred P Beatport
Mar 3, 2022
Fred P
NY-born, Berlin-based house legend Fred P takes us on a tour through the best of the Japanese house music scene.
Japan is one of my favorite places on the planet to visit. I have traveled there extensively over the past two decades, so much so that I have lost count. Besides the allure and the magnitude of such a truly beautiful culture, the house music scene in particular endures with a passion. There is a strong connection to the vibration of deep house music that I have witnessed and been grateful to contribute to. Here you will find some inspirations of mine, also new things I am excited about.
Kuniyuki Takahashi – Inner Groove (feat. Bugge Wesseltoft) [Mule Musiq]
I have been a fan of Kuniyuki since the days of Precious Hall, which came out on Natural Resource back in 2002. Both sides are genius, and from then I have been seeking out his music to play and be inspired by. He’s always number one on my list and never disappoints.
Satoshi Tomiie – Resonant [No. 19 Music]
An absolute legend who has more than managed to shape, innovate, and push his sound into the future. His latest work is so fresh and forward thinking as if it’s day one, which shows his genuine love for the music. I have been feeling his Resonant EP on the Number 19 label. I’m looking forward to playing these deeper than deep cuts for the dance floor.
Monday Michiru – The Right Time (Jephte’s King Street Vokal) [King Street Sounds]
A true artist whose vocals and songwriting have helped shape modern deep house music around the globe, I am forever a fan. I light up when I hear her voice. Songs with words are even more important sung with soul, and Monday Michiru delivers even time.
J.A.K.A.M. – Pray [Crosspoint]
One of my favorites for his organic sound and full energy, “Pray” is a standout among many.
Imugen Orihasam – In Memory [Soul People Music]
A Soul People Music alum with his 2010 debut A Piece Of Scenery, Imugem’s music is straightforward and timeless. I play “In Memory” today and it still sounds fresh.
Susumu Yokota- Space Zero [Exceptional Records]
Zero is a classic album in my opinion. Every track has its moment for the dance floor. Truly timeless music by a master gone too soon.
Satoshi Fumi – Take Me [Bedrock Records]
Satoshi Fumi has become a favorite on my show on NTS2 (Perpetual Sound). Floating between big, anthemic vocals with the classic house sound of “Take Me” to a more deep tribal tech of “Mbira,” Satoshi keeps me on the lookout for his output.
Manabu Nagayama – Low Tension [Unknown Season]
Low Tension is a favorite of mine for its classic sound and approach. I love the sound of this track — I’m all about it.
Ryo Murakami- Just For This [Dessous Recordings]
Another Soul People Music alum from the BOARDS era who always delivers whatever genre he chooses. I’m a fan of his moody side in the ambient zone, as well as his deep house, and “Just For This” is a perfect example. Classic.
Masaki Morii- Hot Drum [M2SOUL Music]
A great artist making some amazing sounds that really move on the dance floor, “Hot Drum” does it for me.