Playlist of the Week: Amelie Lens

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Jul 26, 2023
Amelie Lens
Riding high from the arrival of her EXHALE residency at Ibiza’s DC-10, techno superstar Amelie Lens heads up Beatport’s Playlist of the Week with a choice selection of high-octane dance floor belters for the summer.

This playlist has been made with Ibiza in my mind. The EXHALE residency is starting again this week at DC-10, and I am so excited to be back on the island and connecting with all of the community. It has a special place in my heart. The support we have had for my own recent releases on this playlist has been so amazing, and the other tracks I have chosen here are those which I love to play and you will have heard in many of my sets. Of course, I am keen to always support some of the amazing talent that we have released music on my EXHALE imprint, including Tigerhead, Rudosa and Blicz, but also some other artists that I think will really have an amazing future, such as CARV, La Kajofol and NOVAH. Whether you are at home, in the car, or getting ready for the dance floor, I hope everyone enjoys this playlist as much as I did in selecting the tracks!

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Amelie Lens – Feel It [Exhale]
One of my latest releases, I am so happy about the feedback I’ve received on this track. I wanted to make something that is comfortable for listening at home/in the car but also works really well on a dancefloor.
Tigerhead – Looking Glass [Exhale]
Tigerhead is an artist we just signed on EXHALE. I really like her sound because it’s unique and she’s not doing what everyone is. Her sound is different. This is her first release on EXHALE, which was part of our latest compilation series, and she will be playing for us at a few of our events to come.
Rudosa, Blicz – Split Your Love [Exhale]
I have no words to describe this track. It’s soooo beautiful, I honestly get tears in my eyes when I play it, and it’s one of my favourite closing tracks. Very powerful!
NOVAH – A Savage [Taapion]
NOVAH is a young DJ and producer based in Antwerp, she is one of my favourite front-row ravers at our EXHALE events, so I’m super excited to watch her grow and evolve as a DJ and producer. This track is really huge, and I’m sure she has an amazing future ahead of her.
Marlon Hoffstadt, Dangerous Dreaming – Trouble Shooter [Midnight Themes]
I love Marlon Hoffstadt because the music is just so happy and positive. Always bringing that good energy.
Gianni Di Bernardo – No Business [Expel Your Demons Records]
I’m playing a lot of tracks by Gianni di Bernando; the energy is always high, and it fits perfectly in all of my sets.
La Kajofol, Rabteu – Devious Light [NŸX – Mystical Records]
La Kajofol is another producer I really admire. She is very talented and records her own vocals. Her music is very fast yet unique. I’m really keeping my eye on her.
CARV – Masked Rules [WarinD Records]
CARV is an upcoming producer that I think almost every DJ knows by now. So many people are playing his music, and it’s great to see such an upcoming artist getting so much support.
Alpha Tracks – Elektra [Morbid Records]
I love Alpha tracks! It’s always so beautiful and melodic. Also, this track is such a melodic journey.
Amelie Lens – Radiance [Exhale]
I have been playing my latest track, “Radiance,” in almost all of my sets from the last few months. With this track, I tried to bring my typical sound, which is melodic but still high energy.