Playlist of the Week: Baby T

Playlist of the Week Baby T 1536x715
Aug 2, 2023
Baby T
Globally renowned DJ/producer Baby T (also known as B.Traits) celebrates the arrival of her freshly minted hardcore junglist imprint Banshee with some devilish cuts for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Hi, it’s Baby T here. Some of you may know me as B.Traits. In a sense, Baby T is an alias that allows me to go back to the start; as a teenager, I cut my teeth at jungle raves back in my home country of Canada. When operating as Baby T, I zero in on the hardcore principles I learned back in those early days behind the decks. B.Traits is more the front-facing ego, and Baby T is what’s been sitting in the shadows… I’ve really enjoyed getting back to my roots. This playlist is a collection of tracks to create a mood – In it is a mix of Jungle, Breaks, Hardcore, Dubstep, and all things bass. You’ll hear a few of my latest Baby T releases on my new imprint Banshee and, of course, an eclectic selection of tunes from some of my favourite artists right now. Enjoy!

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Baby T – Get To It [Banshee]
This is the first single from my new Shee Punk EP on my brand new imprint Banshee. I think this track really sets the tone for Banshee and where I want it to go. Breaks and distorted baselines but still with a bit of funk. It feels good getting this music out into the world finally; I became a mum at the beginning of this year, and the transition back to music has been easy yet slightly longer than I had anticipated. I wrote a LOT of music while pregnant, and this is one of the tracks that really stuck. If ever there was rule to live by – “just bounce in the background – get to it now!” Some of the lyrics that make total sense to me now… Just have a good time, don’t watch what anyone else is doing, and get on with it!
Aloka – Granulate [Typeless Records]
The latest offering from Aloka, I am a massive fan and am thoroughly enjoying the journey he takes us on through his productions. This is an artist I believe will be around for a long time, someone who really tells a story of where they’ve been and where they are going. Each release is better than the last, and I look forward to what’s coming next.
Imogen – In Bed With My 808 [Steel City Dance Discs]
Imogen is another artist I have enjoyed watching grow and flourish. She’s been carving out this sound that’s unlike anything else out there at the moment; fierce yet soft and a no nonsense attitude. This track is straight fire and i’ll be playing it everywhere this summer.
Voicedrone, Gareth Wild – Que?tion [EarToGround Records]
I am obsessed with this record. I cannot NOT move when it’s playing. It’s one of my tracks of the year. Booming kick drums, broken beats, swinging percussion, and a very cheeky main lead – this one ticks all the dance floor boxes for me and what I play as Baby T.
Carré – Fainting [SPE:C]
I found this track through Darwin, and I haven’t stopped playing it. A perfect blissy roller for when you need a little breath of fresh air. The label SPE:C consistently releases quality, trippy music I have come to love and greatly appreciate.
Denham Audio, DJ Fuckoff – Deep Breaths [HERAS]
Label HERAS seems to be on fire right now. Every release I’ve heard so far this year has been great! This one is the latest from don Denham Audio and features DJ Fuckoff on the vox. I like the vibe Denham Audio is leading with, always funky baselines and raw breaks. Look out for a collab between he and I maybe later this year.
Presha – Raven [Samurai Music]
An incredible second release from the Samurai Music bossman Presha, he’s spent enough time behind the scenes, consistently supporting other artists, and carefully crafting his sound – it’s his time now. This is one I play at the end of my sets to really tear the walls down.
Noisia – Collider (The Glitch Mob Remix) [Vision Recordings]
Noisia enlist LA-based trio The Glitch Mob for remix duties here of their track “Collider.” It’s part of a recent compilation of various Noisia tracks remixed by different artists. Noisia decided to call it quits earlier this year, and this comp is a nice way to let their music breathe, be remixed, and live on. I really love what TGM did with this remix; it’s a slightly new direction for them, and I look forward to what else is coming this year.
Baby T – Ultrafunkiller [Banshee]
This is the third single from my new EP on my Banshee imprint. It’s early days still, but I feel like this track captures a lot of what I’m trying to do with Baby T. A lot of the music I’ve made as this alias has been to fit a particular mood or energy. This track, I envisioned skateboarding – cruising actually – the feeling of pavement underfoot, kick, push, the speed, the wind, being in the zone, and just enjoying it. It’s an eyes-closed listening moment for me.
Really solid, functional electro banger here from DUMMFÖUND. I have been playing this in every set. It’s also been a bit of a mantra for me during this time of going back to DJing after I guess what you’d call “maternity leave” – The vocal is “Bounce,” but instead, every time I hear it, I think “Balance.”
Alix Perez & Headland present “Hellion” – Elk’s Point [1985 Music]
I’ve always been a fan of Alix Perez’s productions and label 1985. This track is part of a mini-LP titled Hellion, which is Alix and another New Zealand-based producer, Headland. Alix always sits on the right side of bass music for me. It’s more head down and listen carefully rather than lose your shit – melt your face baselines.