Playlist of the Week: Reinier Zonneveld

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Nov 1, 2023
Reinier Zonneveld
Ahead of his upcoming LIVE performance at Time Warp US, Filth on Acid boss Reinier Zonneveld hits us with a top-flight list of weaponized dance floor tracks for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

It feels a bit weird as a live act to compose a playlist — as a DJ, I tend to just select the tracks I play at the moment, but I’m not going to just throw in my own tracks here, so alongside some of the recent tunes from my new album, Heaven Is Mad (For You), I selected some inspiring and great tracks I really like at the moment.

This playlist has it all, from peak-time techno to rave and more stripped-back hypnotizing stuff. I can’t wait to show you some of the new tracks I’m working on during Time Warp in NYC! I’ve got a lot of exciting and surprising collabs that I’m ready to test out as well.

Reinier Zonneveld will be performing alongside a stellar lineup of house and techno titans at the 2023 edition of Time Warp US — taking place November 17 & 18 at Brooklyn Navy Yard with Teksupport. Secure tickets here.

Check out Reinier Zonneveld’s ‘Playlist of the Week’ on Beatport.
Angerfist, Reinier Zonneveld – Take U Back (Reinier Zonneveld’s 2023 Mix) [Filth on Acid]
“Take U Back” is one of the most important tracks on my album. I was really into hardcore back in the 2000s, and I saw Angerfist at one of my first raves (when I was maybe a bit too young to party yet). It’s an absolute honor to rework one of his masterpieces and celebrate his sound with my very own interpretation.
Andres Campo, Ada Byron – Reina [Filth on Acid]
Andres Campo is an amazing DJ who has an excellent feeling for the crowd’s energy. His peak time sets are amazing, and I’m thrilled to have him as a regular on the label with this fantastic track, “Reina.”
HI-LO, Reinier Zonneveld – Balearic Mornings [Filth on Acid]
HI-LO (aka Oliver Heldens) is one of the best producers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. We started to make music together in 2021, and it is a joy whenever we collaborate. We’ve made a lot of different things and released quite a few of them, but “Balearic Mornings” was always my favorite. I always play it live, so I have the chance to adjust my tracks on the fly, and during my sets, I ended up making a sort of rave interpretation. We hit the studio and came up with a version that we’re really happy with, and it works great on the dance floor!
Adam Beyer – Desert Queen [Drumcode]
Intense sound design and a powerful beat – very impressive to get to hear the real Drumcode sound here with a modern twist on it. I love the track! It really went off during our b2b at Awakenings at the Ziggo Dome during this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event.
Charlotte de Witte – Power Of Thought [KNTXT]
Charlotte de Witte is one of my favorite DJs out there. She always delivers at every set. This track is stripped back, simple but effective – top!
Mha Iri – Bam Bam Bam [Filth on Acid]
“Bam Bam Bam” by Mha Iri is a very underrated track, in my opinion. I used to play a live remix version of this in almost all my sets, and this track never fails to blow everyone away. Love it, and I am happy to have Mha Iri on Filth on Acid!
MartinStuff – Faden [ERROR Records]
Martinstuff’s “Faden” has already been out for some time now. Kiki Solvej showed it to me years ago, and I really like the melody and chord progression, the sound design, and the energy. It feels like a rainy day in the fall (very fitting artwork also). It was very coincidentally a happy surprise to get a demo from MartinStuff for our Filth on Acid demo drop during the Amsterdam Dance Event this year – he won and will be on our label next year!
Eli Brown – Believe [Filth on Acid]
After almost two years since its release and still sitting high in the Beatport charts, this is one of Filth on Acid’s all-time best-selling tracks! An absolute monster and still works to this date. We might come up with a harder remix soon…
Zeltak – Acid Opera [Filth on Acid]
Zeltak has an amazing feel for producing and composing pounding beats while still being very musical and melodic. We’ve teamed up for some collaborations, and it’s an absolute pleasure to work with him in the studio – one of the best up-and-comers in the game!
AERT, Noneoftheabove – Pussy Peak [Filth on Acid]
“Pussy Peak” is a real peak time banger from fellow Dutchmen Noneoftheabove. Really enjoyed playing this one out over the last season with the live remix I did. In-your-face techno with a very nice vibe – uplifting energy with a filthy touch of Rotterdam.

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