Playlist of the Week: Guy J

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Aug 9, 2023
Guy J
Lost & Found label head Guy J treats us to his most stunning dance floor tunes of the summer for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Hey everyone! Guy J here, delivering to you my top 20 playlist of the summer! I’ve been touring a lot this year and playing in many places. It has made me expand the variety of house music genres I play. I’ve been playing from progressive to minimal, techno, and experimental. I have such talented artists on my playlist, and I truly cherish it when they pleasantly surprise their followers by periodically creating something different. Producers such as Tibi Dabo, Dave DK, Facundo Mohrr, and the rest exemplify this creative spirit.

Owning a label like Lost & Found, Armadillo Records, and the brand We Are Lost Festival has expanded my mind and my view on electronic music. We live in an era of so many talented producers, and I’m happy to share this playlist with you so you can also enjoy the music.

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Guy J – Lost & Found [Lost & Found]
I’ve included this track on the chart even though it originally came out eleven years ago. The piece was re-released just a week ago as the final release of my label, Lost & Found. It symbolizes the beginning and the end of a beautiful chapter in my career, leading the path to a new phase that I’m looking forward to sharing with you soon.
Tibi Dabo – Triple Frontier [Crosstown Rebels]
I’ve been following and admiring Tibi Dabo’s production for a long time. I think he is one of the best producers out there. I love that each of his tracks boasts a distinct genre and sound, setting them apart from the previous ones. It shows that he is a real artist doing what he loves and feels.
Luka Sambe, Roy Rosenfeld – Bunggul [Lost & Found]
Bunggul is such a cool track. There’s a tribal vibe to it that makes it a timeless tool for my DJ sets. I also produce this kind of music from time to time, and to be honest, I find it very challenging to do these as they have to be outstanding but without caching too much attention. In my opinion, that is what makes it timeless in the genre.
Sahar Z – Before it Ends (feat. Snarky GreenMan) [Lost & Found]
Sahar Z. produced the last track on the final compilation released by Lost & Found. I learned a lot about electronic music from Sahar, significantly regarding different genres. I love that he did an experimental track instead of a club track. It’s one of his best works!
Robag Wruhme – No [Kompakt Extra]
Another out-of-this-world producer! This piece is a pure gem. The music carries a progressive vibe that works wonders on the dance floor. Among the numerous tracks I possess by Rob Wruhme, there are some that, when played at the perfect moment during a set, generate an exceptional atmosphere. This one is certainly not an exception!
Chicola – Dreams For Breakfast [Lost & Found]
Great work from one of the best producers out there, Chicola! The tune showcases his signature sound, which is consistently polished and unique. Chico’s distinctive style can be instantly recognized when heard in a set. I love how the melody here develops throughout the track.
Makebo, Volen Sentir – Alchemist [Lost Miricle]
Alchemist by Volen Sentir & Makebo is another outstanding track. I love the mysterious allure and the irresistible groove that keeps the audience on the dance floor.
Marsh, Jodie Knight – Fragments (Dave DK Remix) [Anjunadeep]
I don’t think there is a producer that I follow much as I follow Dave DK. Each of his singles is a work of art. It brings me great joy to see that we still have producers like him thriving in the industry, artists so creative with their ideas and productions. The remix stands as another exemplary piece of his artistry.
Mike Rish – Reka [Meanwhile]
Reka, a track produced by the Australian producer Mike Rish, is an absolute gem. I’ve been playing it in most of my sets lately, and it has been absolutely rocking the crowd. It exudes a genuine progressive vibe and delivers a beautiful melody in the middle. I love his music!
Facundo Mohrr – Haiku [Armadillo Records]
Haiku by Facundo just came out on Armadillo Records, my downtempo label, home to experimental music by producers from the world of house music. Facundo delivered four creations, and haiku is my personal favorite. It possesses a kind of magic that is difficult to replicate, making it a perfect intro or outro for a club set or mix.