Playlist of the Week: Baauer

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Nov 8, 2023
Baauer .
The proficient DJ/producer and sample enthusiast Baauer serves up a tremendous selection of modern dance floor gems for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

The tracks in this chart represent what has been inspiring my current music. Lately, I’ve been focusing less on skull-rattling bass and more on groove, texture, and VIBE. I’ve been looking back at what electronic music I first fell in love with. Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, Justice, Basement Jaxx, The Chemical Brothers, Boards Of Canada, just to name a few. The music here has some element that reminds me of those dance music legends. Enjoy!

Check out Baauer’s ‘Playlist of the Week’ on Beatport.
Parisi – Tease (feat. Jelani Blackman) [FFRR]
I had the pleasure of working with the Parisi brothers last year. They have an incredible classic sense of groove that is shown in this track. It’s such a sick synth line matched with a perfect thumping kick. Just gorgeous.
MPH – Overrated [MPH UK]
So many of my early influences come from the UK, and to this day, I look there for inspiration. I’m so excited about the sounds of garage breaks and bassline popping off right now. MPH is an incredible producer who takes these sounds into 2023 while keeping the classic feeling. This one, in particular, uses breaks in such a cool, effective way. so sick and NOT overrated.
Sammy Virji – Shella Verse (feat. Flowdan) [Positiva]
Keeping that same vibe going, here’s this banger from Sammy Virji. The energy coming from this scene really gives me life. This one pops off in the US, which I love… I feel like people in the US are really starting to see the beauty of UK garage.
LF System – Hungry (For Love) [Warner Records]
These guys rule. I’ve been sampling a lot recently and I absolutely love the way LF System sample. It feels very classic house.
Baauer, Party Favor – Very Last Drop [Ultra]
I did an EP with my buddy Party Favor with a bunch of sample-based stuff on it. I really love how it all came out, but this track is my favorite. It combines some old Italian synth jam sample with a random vocal that both came together so beautifully. It’s kind of trance-y.. kind of disco… I love it.
RL Grime, Baauer, Sublab – I Am The Ocean (feat. Noomi) [Sable Valley Records]
This track is from my close friend RL Grimes’ new insane album. I’m so proud to be a part of it. We started this idea years ago, and it has changed its form so much since then. He and Sublab (another very talented producer) morphed it into a happy hardcore anthem, which couldn’t have made me happier. We need more happy hardcore.
Hudson Mohawke, Nikki Nair – Set The Roof (feat. Tayla Parx) [Warp Records]
I don’t need to tell you what a goat Hudmo is, right? This one totally caught me by surprise. He and Nikki Nair have made such a groovy, funky earworm. It’s rich with weirdo sounds and classic, beautiful Hudmo percussion. This one will go off anywhere.
Ninajirachi – Undo U (4×4 Mix) [NLV Records]
I’ve been a fan of Ninajirachi for a while and got to work with her recently. She creates a world with her music. It’s so vibrant and colorful.
Odd Mob – Left To Right (33 Below Remix) [Tinted Records]
This track combines two very talented producers who I’ve had my eye on for a bit and whose music I absolutely love to play out. This remix goes so hard.
Boyz Noise, Skrillex – Fine Day Anthem (Extended Mix) [OWSLA]
What more can I say? Two legends. It’s so cool to hear to hear. It’s a fine day flipped like this. The mix also has the untouchable Skrillex quality to it. Banger.