Playlist of the Week: Massano

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Aug 23, 2023
Massano .
The UK’s breakout melodic techno star, Massano, celebrates the arrival of his freshly-minted Simulate Recordings imprint with some high-voltage selects for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

I am Massano, an electronic music producer and DJ from Liverpool. The genre that my music currently fits into is melodic techno, but through my own music and my label, Simulate Recordings, I would say the words that best describe my sound are aggressive and energetic. Something I love to do with my music is combine contrasting moments in tracks, to keep things unpredictable and always have that element of surprise for the listener. For example, I love transitions between moments of emotion and raw aggression to catch people off guard, both in my individual productions and my DJ sets. This playlist captures that, with plenty of high-energy tracks that get people engaged to create special moments, emotional breaks bringing people together, and interesting rhythms keeping everyone moving on the dancefloor.

The idea behind Simulate is to present futuristic sounds that link the ever-evolving digital world to our physical existence. The label explores the possibility that life could be a simulation, whilst imagining what the future of that simulated existence could look and sound like. I aim to bring together a new forward-thinking family of artists whose futuristic sounds completely emphasize what the label is all about. Today’s playlist features a range of these artists, including a selection of our vision-announcing compilation, The Infrastructure 1.0.

I aimed to structure the playlist somewhat in a way that I would structure a DJ set, starting off a little deeper and groovier, before moving up towards an explosion of energy and pushing the tempo higher and finishing on something big…

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Fred Lenix – Oblivion Bells [UPPERGROUND]
I love how this track creates a great starting point to build things up in a set, it’s deep and groovy but still has that moment to get people excited for the start of a set. I’ll often use this one on the dancefloor when I want to start things a bit deeper and build things up slowly, perfect for longer sets.
Un:said – Escalate [Simulate]
But because this is only a 12-track playlist, I thought we’d go straight into something a bit more energetic. An amazing track from a hugely talented friend of mine Un:said. I love his unique sound design and structuring of tracks, they are always so creative but functional for use on any stage.
Massano – Nodosuba [Simulate]
A different style track for me, which is what made it perfect for the debut Simulate VA, The Infrastructure 1.0, to show people a different side to my productions. This track was originally intended as just a DJ tool, something where the energy never really drops, so it keeps people moving from start to finish, but yet still has lots of energy and a powerful drop. After testing it on the dancefloor many times, I knew I had to find a way to release this one and show I can create tracks not just for the peak time moment.
19:26 – Luminescence [Radikon]
Another insanely talented producer, 19:26 seems to come back every month with more and more bombs with catchy hooks and perfectly matched synths. This track is no exception to that.
Massano – The Blaze [Simulate]
Another track I was testing for months and months, I can rarely resist the urge to play this one. This track was originally called “Forrest,” but someone on YouTube randomly uploaded it as “The Blaze,” then more and more people were asking me, “when is ‘The Blaze’ coming out” until it got out of hand, and I had no choice but to call it “The Blaze” (LOL). But on a serious note, “The Blaze” is possibly a more appropriate title for this one for its raw aggression and powerful drops.
Pacs – Tansient [Simulate]
Such a well-constructed, energetic track from my Brazilian friend Pacs. So simple yet so powerful and effective, this track sounds so clean and always gets people going on the dancefloor! For sure one of my favorites from The Infrastructure 1.0 and a real statement from Pacs showing that he is one to watch for the future, and a key member of the Simulate family.
Massano – Shapeshifter [Upperground]
This a track from my first release on Artbat’s UPPERGROUND label, this one I love for how different the two drops are. Both really high energy but unique in their own ways. Another thing I love in this track is some of the random sound recordings I included in it from the real world. Listen out for some SFX made using voice notes from friends and a football crowd cheer!
Artche – Adrenaline [Simulate]
A track I first played in the club room of Hi Ibiza last year, I feel this track is perfect for that room, something a bit darker and leaning towards more of a techno style. With its powerful kick, driving bassline, and raw synths, I love the simplicity of this track and its ability to transition things a little darker.
Massano – Breathe [Upperground]
The other track from my Upperground EP, this track is one of the faster tracks I have produced in recent times, but this one really captures what I mentioned about contrasting moments of emotion and aggression. The breakdown arpeggiator and pads stops things, makes people take notice and brings through an epic moment of euphoria. This is then followed by a swift transition into metallic, powerful sounds that create a more heavy and impactful drop.
KAS:ST – 2084 [Flyance Records]
KAS:ST need no introduction. Year after year, they prove their insane creativity and ability to merge the techno & melodic techno genres. I love how different their vocals are from what everyone else is using, along with their hypnotic soundscapes and dark acid melodies.
Disfreq – Batida [Truesoul]
Something a bit different I always use to lift the tempo and create a more ravey moment on the dancefloor. The power in this track’s drums, vocal and acid synth line always helps to push the energy of a room that little bit further, just when people might be starting to feel tired, I use this one to lift them back up.
Depeche Mode – Ghosts Again (Massano Remix) [Columbia]
A track I am incredibly proud of, not only for the amazing opportunity to work with some absolute legends of the scene in Depeche Mode but for how the track turned out. This one took a lot of work to get it how I wanted it, but the finished result is something that always sends people crazy on the dancefloor. I love how the track combines so many different stages to keep things constantly evolving.