Playlist of the Week: Ciel

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Nov 15, 2023
Ciel .
Ahead of the release of her debut album, Homesick, Canadian DJ/producer Ciel throws together a stunning selection of bewitching bangers for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

I made a list of my current favourite tracks for the club and home. Usually, I tend to stick with club music for charts of this nature, but lately, I’ve been spending a lot of solo time traveling, and my melancholy mood has preferred quieter, more ambient compositions. There are lots of percussive tracks in here, from the broken to the four-on-the-floor. I’ve been in a year-long love affair with hardgroove, and it does not appear to be going away any time soon. As always, thank you to the talented musicians and producers for creating such beautiful bangers.

Ciel’s debut album Homesick drops on November 17th via Parallel Minds. Buy it on Beatport.

Check out Ciel’s ‘Playlist of the Week’ on Beatport.
Lord of the Magi – Fog Surfin’ [Tartelet Records]
Sounds like The Durutti Column played on a piano instead of an acoustic guitar. I love the distant, soaring vocals set against the deep arpeggiated piano. Feels like listening to a concert while swimming underwater.
Honeydrip – System (feat. Shanique Marie) [Banoffee Pies Records]
Track of the year material. Playful, confident, sexy. Play this when you’re feeling yourself and possibly dancing with your crush at the same time.
Afriqua – Da Whip [CORE Records]
A welcomed filp of an iconic vocal. The catchiness of the bassline should be illegal. Banger of the highest order!
Groovy D – Brixton Dem [Dansu Discs]
What is there to say about this other than it’s a back-to-basics speed garage pumper? I absolutely love the hard-hitting impact of the drums and that the track doesn’t get too bogged down with a ton of ideas. Simple and effective.
NIKS – Riding Senses [NIKS]
I’m forever drawn to sharply contrasting ideas in music. This track has a dirty and raw pulsing bassline juxtaposed with a gorgeous synth pad. Add to that a simple repeated vocal chop. The track packs just enough attitude to be ideal for the club.
OneOneOne – Tiefseetaucher [Kaizen]
This one is a psychedelic and squishy roller. I love the patience in how the track builds over the nine minutes. It would make an absolutely hypnotic opening track.
Toma Kami – Blades [Man Band]
This one is a high-energy club track with drums that bring a big, corny smile to my face. Toma Kami is really good at creating tension and release in his tracks that would turn any dancefloor into a frenzied mob. Play at your own risk.
Joanne Robertson – Blue Car [AD 93]
This is probably my most listened-to release this month. Sometimes, when the seasons change or when so many bad things are happening in the world, there is something super comforting about listening to sad guitar music with the reverb turned way up. Put it on and zone out on a long drive.
Ayesha – V7 [Kindergarten Records]
I absolutely love this track. Chaotic and full of attitude, the elements of the track sometimes sound like they’re boiling over before everything reduces to a minimal groove. I love the rise and fall of the arrangement and that it pivots from broken beat to four-on-the-floor. Real nice!
Dylan Fogarty – 1974 [Hardline Sounds]
Hardgroove would be nothing without a phat bassline. This one has it in spades! The drums are bouncy and sexy, and are guaranteed to trigger at least a few gun fingers in the air when played in the club.