Playlist of the Week: Sarah Story

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Aug 30, 2023
Sarah Story
Beloved DJ, producer, vocalist, and BBC Radio 1 presenter Sarah Story regales us with some of her top dance floor selects of the Summer for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

My name is Sarah Story, and I host Future Dance on BBC Radio 1 every Friday night. I’m also a touring DJ, vocalist and producer. This playlist has been inspired by the records I’ve been playing in my DJ sets and on my radio show all summer. I wanted to give you an insight into some of the exciting artists I’ve been supporting like Matisa and Matrefakt. There’s also some key tracks in there that I feel really make dance floor moments in my sets like Dance System’s “Shutter Trak,” Wallace’s “Breaking Up” and William Kiss’s “Like This.” I hope you enjoy these records as much as I do!

Sarah Story will be performing at MiNT Festival in Leeds, UK, on Saturday, September 16th. Purchase tickets here.

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Matisa – Brunela [Gudu Records]
This dropped in July and is part of a 4 track EP called Tongue out on Peggy Gou’s label Gudu Records. It’s a really quirky, hypnotic roller which I’ve really enjoyed playing out in the clubs & on my radio show. Matisa is playing everywhere from Circoloco to Emerge festival and has released on Optimo Music & Steel City Dance Discs. Definitely one to watch!
Demi Requisimo – Talk To Frank [Life and Death]
Laidback sexy acidddd! The vocal really cuts through, a nod to deep house. I’m a big fan of Demi’s sound. It’s really classy and have been loving his latest releases from his own records to the music he’s released on his label Semi Delicious, a label you need to check out! For me, this is a perfect warm-up record, and I played it when I opened Room 2 at Fabric recently.
Matrefakt – Summer Breeze [Attitudes To Life]
I’ve been obsessed with these two since we met in their studio back in 2019. If you haven’t heard of Matrefakt then do some digging on Beatport; you will thank me later. This duo is so consistent with every release, making really classy house and techno. I always get asked what the Track ID is when I play this record out. Everything they make is driving, punchy, really melodic with a groove. Getting massive support from Anja Schneider & Peggy Gou, these two are the next big thing to come out of Liverpool!
LP Giobbi – Giodisco [Defected]
I co-produced this record with LP back in summer 2022. It was so much fun to make as you can tell from our vocal on the record! Really punchy with a mixture of disco & house. It always works on the dance floor and had been getting support from DJs like TSHA.
BDK – All I Want [Say Namm]
This is a great disco edit with a powerful vocal. Really joyful, rolling disco track that always works at the start of a set. I discovered BDK through Chloe Caillet when she did a Peak Time Mix for my show and I’ve been a fan ever since.
Sally C – All Love [Big Saldo’s Chunkers]
Everything Sally makes has a real authentic old-school house sound. Fast-paced, chunky basslines and always groovy. I really enjoy playing out her records out as they hold the energy of the crowd.
Dance System – Shutter Track [System Records]
This is quite a dark, mysterious record that’s full of builds and quirky moments. I instantly loved this record and played it loads on my show. Dance System told me this was inspired by the shutters in Panorama Bar when the shutters are opened and closed and the daylight floods the dancefloor. I feel like he’s summed up that moment perfectly.
Van Damn – Can’t Grumble [Utopia Worldwide]
A super classy, lush blend of house, UK garage and breakbeats. This reminds me of something that Henrik Schwarz would maybe play a few years ago. Out on Jaguar’s label Utopia, I remember Jag playing this at a gig in Glasgow and instantly needing to know the Track ID. Hailing from Scotland, Van Damn is on the rise with some brilliant releases like Preach It & We Can, 2 records you will want in your collection!
William Kiss – Like This [Bush Records]
Hard-hitting, groovy techno! It’s such a sassy record that I play nearly every set. The vocal, claps and stabs gives it an old-school feel, and when the kick comes in, it instantly grabs the crowd’s attention. When I first heard it, I was convinced it was an old record, but it only came out in November 2022. This is a weapon you need in your sets!