Playlist of the Week: Yulia Niko

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Mar 27, 2024
Yulia Niko
Berlin-based DJ/producer Yulia Niko celebrates the arrival of her new TWINSOUL album with some fantastical track selections for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Hello Beatport, Yulia Niko here! I’m so happy to be back, especially while premiering my brand-new album, TWINSOUL. This chart is my recent playlist of a recent set. Everything I was playing was absolutely random, but the vibe was so magical. I decided that it would be best to share it with you; those spontaneous sets are always the best.

Yulia Niko’s new TWINSOUL album is out now via Armada Music. Buy it on Beatport.

Check out Yulia Niko’s ‘Playlist of the Week’ on Beatport.
Yulia Niko, Sil Romero – EXITO [Armada Music]
“Exito” has been such a perfect intro track for the past two years, and I'm so happy we finally released it. It’s a groovy tune, which is restarting and building a new vibe in a room. The lyrics are so uplifting and have such beautiful meaning that they get the attention of the dance floor right, by the way, and make people notice that a new DJ is starting to play.
Stefano Ranieri – Al Telun (Original Mix) [NuLu Music]
This track has such a diversity of sounds in one song. I really like that it has a lot of percussion. It’s groovy, and the subs are deep and bring such attention to the people.
Simone Vitullo, Vxsionc – Understanding (The Neighbors Extended Remix)[Go Deeva]
Simone is a good friend; when he sent me this track, it reminded me of such good times from back in the day. I’ve heard such uplifting tunes from the Afro House genre recently. They get stuck in the brain easily, and that is what is more important. I call tracks like this “tracks for girls on the dance floor.”
Bebbo – Reflections [Stereo Productions]
This one is such a game changer. I think this is my favorite track from this selection of ten. Melodic and groovy, and there are not too many tracks like this. Straight to the point, lifting up dance floor and makes people to hold a breath and think for a second “what is the ID, I must find out immediately.”
Yulia Niko – Who Made You [Armada Music]
A melodic bridge track is always handy when I need to let the dance floor breathe for a bit—to exhale and prepare for a mental explosion. Those moments are important. A very hypnotic loop is rolling, and people are just getting lost. When a drop comes, they feel a wave of energy. It’s so refreshing!
Danny Slim, JAFFAR THE NIGHTMARE – Waana (Extended Mix) [Adesso Music]
As I just noticed in this chart, I used a lot of Afro House. I guess today, that’s my vibe. I don't feel guilty; this genre has so many good records that I love. This one caught me with the vocals. I really like this type of voice — sexy and mysterious.
Joshlane – Exploration [Not So Unknown]
People love this track so much. After I played it for the first time while it was still unreleased, my Instagram DMs went nuts! It's a super nice version of old-school vocals and a great banger to wake up the dance floor. The synth after the main drop is genius. Thanks to Joshlane!
Michael Ritter, Felix E, Solveig Eger – Plastikrosen (MULYA Remix) [KIOSK ID]
For a long while, I’ve been digging for stuff from Michael and his colleagues. Very creative and super lovely with trippy ideas. All the adjectives I like — groovy, minimal, melodic, and uplifting. Not commercial, and brings a unique flavor into a set.
Jepe – Right Now [Eastern Standart Rec]
I just love Jepe and tracks with piano. So far, it's my favorite tune to play from all piano tracks of this year. Nothing more really to add. Excellent work. Wow!
Yulia Niko – Higher [Armada Music]
"Higher" has been played so many times in the last four years in my set, and finally, it’s out. It was the very first time I tried to record something with my own voice and some effects. I just took the mic, started jamming, and it came out so nice. Big, strong groove. Cool to play on a big stage with a solid soundsystem.

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