TSHA Picks her Ultimate Throwback Rave Tracks

TSHA Picks her Ultimate Throwback Rave Tracks

Beatport Next artist TSHA selects ten old-school rave tracks that have helped inform her love of electronic music.

Here, I’ve dug into some of my ultimate throwback tracks from legendary pioneers in dance music who have helped pave the way for so many of us. This is a collection of people who have inspired and changed the course of dance music again and again.

TSHA’s new ‘Power’ EP is out now via Ninja Tune. Buy it here.

Frankie Knuckles – Your Love (feat. Jamie Principle) [Crimson]

One of the biggest and most legendary house records to have ever been made. This track marked the beginning of an era! I met Jamie Principle at a festival when he was singing for Pete Tong; he’s such a  great guy and I loved hearing the stories he shared of Frankie. We chat every now and then and he shares only fond memories of their time together.

Herbert – I Hadn’t Known (I Only Heard) [Accidental]

I discovered the song not long ago, I was a bit behind on it! I have to say it’s one of my favourite tunes, and  I play it out regularly. Herb takes things to a different level and is always thinking outside of the box. He is the master of creating weird and wonderful soundscapes and isn’t scared of experimenting one bit. I love this record.  

The Bucketheads – The Bomb  [Henry Street Music]

One of my all-time favourite tracks. I played this track in my essential mix and I have an edit that I play out regularly too. I only have fond memories of the song, and of my brother playing it for the first time back when it came out. It has to be one of my favourite classics of that era, so catchy.

Mr. Fingers – Acid Attack  [Alleviated Records]

A seminal track from one of the greatest pioneers of house music. Acid house is one of my favourite genres of house music and this is a legendary example of it.  

Cajmere, Dajae-Underground – Brighter Days (Goodie Mix ‘93) [Cajual] 

I play this one out all the time and it always goes down well. The swing and the groove in it never fails to get the crowd moving and I love that. Chicago house music is truly something special.  

Leviticus – The Burial [Philly Blunt Records]

One of the best jungle tracks ever made! Nothing but happy memories when I hear this tune. This one also reminds me of my brother as he used to play this a lot whilst I was growing up. Jungle was one of the first dance genres I heard when I was a kid and the first that I really fell in love with too.  

The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up [​​XL Recordings]

I remember seeing their music videos, looking up to them and thinking, “Wow this is the coolest thing I’ve  ever heard and seen.” The way they crafted their music and the gear they used back then is a testament to  the quality of production, as they didn’t have the equipment that we commonly use now. It’s genius.  

Double 99 – Ripgroove [Ice Cream Records]  

Such a classic speed garage tune that instantly transports me straight to that era. I played a bit of speed garage in my Essential Mix just because I have so many fond memories of it. This release was a massive moment in UK garage, and it’s still going strong now. 

Bass Hitt – The Beat That Makes You Move (The Rhythm Hype Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]

I dug this record out of my brother’s record collection and fell in love, so had to include it in my Essential Mix. I absolutely love the beat in this one.  

The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl [Astralwerks]

The Chemical Brothers were one of the first dance acts that I discovered as a teenager. I used to download their music from LimeWire and give my computer all sorts of viruses. I remember obsessing over their music videos in the early days of YouTube! I made a CD on my 16th birthday full of tracks that I’d downloaded from LimeWire — the majority of the tracks were made up of Chemical Brothers records, and it included this song. I think it was a bit confusing for some of the other 16-year-olds at that party…

TSHA’s new Power EP is out now via Ninja Tune. Check it out on Beatport.

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