Traumer Selects the 10 Best Minimal / Deep Tech Cuts he’s Playing this Summer

Traumer Selects the 10 Best Minimal / Deep Tech Cuts he’s Playing this Summer

Ahead of his performance at Sumdayz Festival in Rome, the French underground stalwart Traumer identifies some of his summer’s most effective dance floor weapons.

Hey dears, I hope you all had a great summer! On my side, I simply can’t wait to dive into the next few weeks and the beautiful events and venues I’ll be visiting with some special projects, including collaborations / live performances with musicians from different horizons and genres. Happy to also share this selection of tracks with you, which includes some new and older productions from myself, as well as music that hasn’t left my “bag” during the whole summer – enjoy!

Catch Traumer performing at Sumdayz Festival in Rome on September 10 – 11, 2022. Learn more here.

Daniel Stefanik – #Six [KANN]

I discovered this track around ten years ago, and it quickly became one of my favorites to play. But then, I stopped playing it and just forgot about it to be honest. A few months ago, on my way to an event in Saudi Arabia, the promoters played an old set from Raresh & Praslea in the car where this track was featured — I realised how good this track still was and immediately downloaded it again. These days, I include it in almost every set!

Dubsons – Ion [Melisma]

Some of Dubsons’ tracks are the perfect example of a good dance floor driving tool. I am almost always playing one in my set, either as a tool layered with another track or as a leading song by itself. 

Double X – Renounce [Kanzleramt]

I love the vibe of this one. It’s melodic and deep, but it can still have a very powerful effect depending on when and how you bring it into the mix. It’s the type of track I always had with me, but I thought it was too “smooth” to be played. Fortunately, I changed my mind some time ago! 

Traumer – Citron [Berg Audio]

I used to include this one in my sets a lot when it just got released. But these days, just when I think I’m completely tired of it, I sometimes play it again, and the crowd’s reaction makes me realize that it’s still pretty OK. But don’t expect to hear it a lot from me, only very (VERY) rarely! Still, a lot of people tell me it’s their favorite track from myself, so I still wanted to include this one here. 

Fred Nasen – Static [Visitor]

I discovered this one through Praslea. I have no issues saying that I found a song by listening to other DJs — especially when it’s artists I particularly admire like Raresh & Praslea, just to name a few. When I first discovered this track, I couldn’t find the right timing and way to introduce it in my sets, so I just forgot about it. But recently, it has found its way back in my bag, and it won’t be leaving it for quite some time!

Eddie Richards – Feel The Music [Visitor]

It’s a classic for me. I used to play it from time to time five or six years ago. But this summer, you could hear this one in almost all of my sets. I just love starting with it — immediately sets the right vibe! 

Jinger (aka Traumer) – Apoplex [Jinger]

Jinger is one of my recently launched projects, where I focus on slightly deeper sounds & atmospheres than with my Traumer alias. “Apoplex” is the digital bonus of An Idea Of Jinger, a compilation gathering my favorite tracks from the first three releases from this new label. Perfect to start the night or for (very) early mornings!

Mihai Popoviciu – Premium [Berg Audio] 

Amazing track from Mihai, released on my friend’s label — BERG AUDIO. Nikita always finds and signs some great music on his imprint (sometimes using his Jedi Force persuasive powers). This one has pretty much everything I love — a solid house groove and a deep, fierce chord sequence.

Traumer – Express [Gettarum]

One of my favorites from my own catalog — I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of it! It wasn’t produced with a classic peak time track in mind, it doesn’t have a massive build-up or break, but the crowd just always gives incredible reactions when I play it.

Nachtbraker – Tangelo Dreams [Nachtbraker]

Designed for the dance floor, this is a superb track from Nachtbraker. I’ve been playing this one at almost every gig this summer, and the feedback is just crazy!

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