The 7 Best Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic) Tracks On Beatport
You May Have Missed

The 7 Best Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic) Tracks On Beatport
You May Have Missed

Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Head Front Panel, Stefàn Dubs, Twelon, Conforce and more.

Head Front Panel – Tonedance [Repetitive Rhythm Research]

Kicking off this week’s selection is a slinky, submerged affair from Head Front Panel. Understated synth plucks and muted percussion all add to the eerie feeling this track evokes. We can imagine it being played at the smallest of hours in the darkest of afterparties. A strong second outing for this label to watch. 

Stefàn Dubs – Lion Last [Trule]

A fully dubbed-out effort here courtesy of Stefàn Dubs on Trule. A by-the-books take on dub techno, the track showcases a bottomless bassline that ducks and weaves between the beats while classic chords and delayed vocals sit on top. Stefàn isn’t reinventing the wheel here but “Lion Last” is made with aplomb.

Twelon – Multiply [Ecke Records]

A great example of a mid-set roller if we’ve ever heard one, Twelon’s “Multiply” ticks all the boxes. The relentless sub rumble of the bassline keeps the pace going while the squelching synthing and percussion are twisted and delayed throughout the course of the track. A great effort by a producer to watch.

Conforce – Kawai [Sungate]

An absolute blinder by Conforce, “Kawai” channels Mike Huckaby-esque techno perfectly. We’re unsure whether “Kawai” refers to the keyboard he used to make the track but regardless of what he used, it worked. Wavetable chord stabs and crisp percussion makes this journey a pleasure and we haven’t even mentioned the thunderous bass yet. You’ll want to let this one play from start to finish.    

Stanislav Tolkachev – Everyone In Between [Dystant Recordings]

The poster boy for weird-out, bleepy techno returns with another weapon for your arsenal. There’s not a kick to be heard in “Everyone In Between” but it’s a weapon nonetheless. 909 hats keep time while an icy synth bounces around, only to be taken over but a brief but beautiful ambient interlude. A great tool for building tension. 

Daniel Jacques – Waiting For You [ÆX]

Some maximal sounds from the ÆX camp here with “Waiting For You”. Pinned down with a huge kick, the juxtaposition between the heavy thump and the heart-wrenching pads here is fantastic. TR hats keep the track moving forward while the lovely strings take you to another place. Great stuff. 

Desroi – Stripped From Light [Desroi]

Some end-of-set, emotional stepping techno from the hands of Desroi. Lovely chords float above a resonant synth while the broken drums keep things interesting underneath. We can really imagine cloning our eyes and losing ourselves to this one! 

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