Listen to Risa Taniguchi’s Emphatic Techno Release, ‘This Guy’ EP

Listen to Risa Taniguchi’s Emphatic Techno Release, ‘This Guy’ EP

Tokyo’s rising techno star Risa Taniguchi delivers a commanding three-track EP — out now via Kneaded Pains.

Beatport Next artist Risa Taniguchi has revealed her latest release for Dense & Pika’s Kneaded Pains imprint, This Guy EP.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Risa Taniguchi draws her sonic inspiration from the city’s electric atmosphere and unique underground scene. A beloved regular at some of the Japanese capital’s best-known clubs like Contact and Vent, the artist’s thrumming and acidic strain of techno has caught the attention of dance floor revelers worldwide. 

This Guy EP follows up recent releases for Fort Romeau’s Cin Cin, Pan-Pot’s Second State, and her first release on Kneaded Pains, Rockim EP.

Across three tracks, Risa deploys a trio of shadowy yet vigorous club cuts, taking in rasping acid lines, twisted vocal loops, and haunting tones.

Each track is delivered with a pace and energy that will satisfy those with a love of the real techno sound. Listen below.

Risa Taniguchi’s This Guy EP is out now via Kneaded Pains. Check it out on Beatport.

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