Playlist of the Week: Victor Ruiz

Playlist of the Week: Victor Ruiz

Brazil’s techno hitmaker Victor Ruiz celebrates his birthday with a selection of his most treasured tracks for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

My name is Victor Ruiz, and I’m a Brazilian dude that loves to make music and play some beats around the world. I’m very happy and honoured to make this playlist for you, especially because my birthday is coming up, and what better way to celebrate than with music?

This selection was made with tracks that I absolutely love. Some producers you know for sure, and some you might be discovering now, but I assure you, they’re all very special and should definitely be on your radar. Hope you like it!

Watch Victor Ruiz’s recent Beatport performance, ‘Live From Beruit,’ here.

Perry Farrell, Kind Heaven Orchestra – Mend (Victor Ruiz Remix) [Heaven After Dark]

I’ve been a rock head since I was 4, so I have known Perry Farrell’s music for a long time. He’s the lead singer of the band Jane’s Addiction. When I got the chance to remix “Mend,” I was in disbelief. Even more so because the original song is a collaboration with the late Foo Fighters’ drummer, Taylor Hawkins — one of my all-time idols in music. I had to do it! It was, perhaps, one of my most challenging productions to date because how would I put my imprint on some of my idol’s work? I guess I made around ten versions until coming up with this remix, with which I’m very satisfied. It’s such an honor! Ah, if you’re also a rock head, you’ll notice some “The Who” influences on it. 

Victor Ruiz – Beirut [Drumcode]

 This song is one of the most emotional pieces of music I’ve ever done. It was inspired by one of the most special places in the world for me, which is Beirut, Lebanon. I hope I could capture the beauty, energy and warmth of its people. Big chords matched with big bassline. 

 Modea – Shine [We Are The Brave]

“Shine” has a quality that is very rare in songs these days. It’s timeless. This track will still be fresh 20 years from now. It’s the kind of sound that has so much power and takes you somewhere else when you’re listening. One of the few tunes that make me jump on stage when I’m playing. Definitely one of the best electronic songs I’ve listened to in years.

Jon Hopkins, ANNA – Deep In The Glowing Heart (Night Version) [Domino]

What happens when you put two production genius together, collaborating? THIS! The finesse this song unravels itself is just magical. So sensitive yet powerful. The rolling beats with gorgeous and cinematic atmospheres get together. They put you in a trance instantly. It’s impossible not to dance to it.

Jam & Spoon – Odyssey To Anyoona (Wehbba Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]

Been a big fan of Wehbba for years. Also been influenced by the classics from Jam & Spoon for years. The chants combined with the massive steamroller beat that Wehbba brought is just epic. The break creates emotions and suspense, with a soaring synth at the end becoming a massive bass line on the drop. It will make anyone throw a bass face!

Enrico Sangiuliano – Future Dust [NINETOZERO]

The long-awaited comeback from one of my favorite producers on the planet. And what a comeback! I love the whole EP, but “Future Dust” is definitely an instant hit. Mixing Enrico’s undeniable sound design with Techno beats and a Psytrance bass line that will make even your grandma jump out of the couch and dance. As the song develops into a beautiful melodic break and big-almost-apocalyptic drone sounds, it returns with that massive drop that Enrico knows how to do effectively. 10/10! 

Ilija Djokovic – Vera [Filth On Acid]

Ilija is one of the best producers out there. Always so innovative and creative. I love his synth work and his drum section. He makes Techno fun and unpredictable. “Vera” almost got me twerking when I heard it for the first time. The beautiful and mega-powerful bassline on the drop, with great melodies and a very simple arrangement, which I love. A straight-to-the-point anthem!

Victor Ruiz – Jurema [Drumcode]

“Jurema” was inspired by the sounds of my country Brazil, its nature, and spirituality. The name comes from a spiritual tree that is found in the jungle. If you pay attention, you’ll hear birds, crickets, monkeys and some other organic sounds that I put in on purpose. I always wanted to introduce more of my own roots into my sound, and this song was a great start to that. Also, the vocals are in Portuguese, which gives a very nice feeling to it. Besides all these influences, “Jurema” is a techno stomper.

 Raxon – Conscious Technologies [Truesoul]

 A track with that basically doesn’t stop. So much energy and groove, no breaks. Gnarly synth sounds and stuttered vocals are what I like the most about this track. I’ve been playing this one since I got the promo, and I’m sure I’ll still be playing it for a while.

Charly Schaller – Television Static [Second State] 

Such a great track! Different textures and a higher BPM than I’m used to playing, but after you listen to it, you’ll want to play this too! A soft but fat kick and bass, with snappy percussions and hi-hats and a beautiful vocal, evolving into its pinnacle with a drop, simple and effective, just the way I love it. TUNE!

Rennie Foster, Ely – Midnight Sun (Tao Andra Remix) [RF]

When I heard the original version of this track, I immediately fell in love with it —such a special tune. The vocals in Japanese give another dimension to music and open a new world of possibilities on a set. But, for me, it lacked energy (that is until I heard the remix). This is a very classy remix with as much energy as its producer. Tao Andra has been on my radar for a while now and should be on yours too!

Ignacio Arfeli – It’s These People Called Aphex Twin [ODD Recordings]

 Ignacio’s productions have caught my attention for a while, so I had to include his art here. When I got the promo of this track for the first time, I didn’t pay much attention, to be honest. It was just one of those days when I wasn’t listening to a lot of stuff. It was only when I saw Wehbba playing this tune live at a club in Berlin and rocking the floor that I had to take a sneak peek at the CDJs and check what the heck was that. SURPRISE! It was this tune, and since then, I’ve been dropping it all the way!

Camea – Awakening [Kompakt Extra]

Sequences and arpeggios are some of my favorite things in Techno – when well executed. “Awakening” from Camea is just one of those delicious tracks that you can listen to a lot and play to any kind of crowd. The main sequence/arpeggio will pierce the dancers’ souls and make them move as one. 

Wehbba – Strange Dreamz [Drumcode]

This track is for you if you love vocals (like me). But do not expect a predictable voice. With this one, Wehbba showcases his knack for sound design and vocal manipulation mastery. He got a meme (YES, A MEME) and turned it into one of the coolest vocals — and tracks — that you’ll listen to today. This is just pure gold. Every time I play it, I just can’t help but make a bass face!

Victor Ruiz – Omen [Drumcode]

It’s always hard to talk about my own tracks. “Omen” has so much of me in it. It has heavy drums, a fat and melodic bass line, vocals, and dynamic energy. It has everything I like and I am. I still don’t know how I did this track, but it’s fair to say I loved the result, and it sets the dance floor on fire every single time. You should try it! 

Bruce Zalcer – The Hunt [Codex Recordings]

Bruce has also been on my radar for a while, delivering high-quality bombs to the dance floor. “The Hunt” is a statement on his new direction, and I can feel his music is going, faster, more raw, hypnotic, and I really dig it. This track is so simple and so good. My favorite thing about it is that. The simplicity and the energy.

Daniel Tonik, Shiralee Coleman – Desire (Lisa May Remix) [Pumping Records]

Lisa is one of my favorite up-and-coming producers at the moment. Her style is somewhat raw/dirty with a mix of melodies and emotions. For me, the perfect mix for an amazing track. This remix has great pop vocals that she managed to manipulate and turn into a belter. The gnarly, dirty synths and the straightforward drum section bring the perfect contrast to the female voice, and that’s what makes her music so special. It’s not obvious at all. Keep an eye on her! 

Tiger Stripes – Nocturne [Drumcode]

I absolutely love this track. Love the piano on the break, the melodies, and the energy on the drop with that arpeggiated synth, but the best part is the vocals. They bring me a sense of nostalgia that I still haven’t figured out. Where does it come from? I just love to drop this one.

Hocus – Soulseeker (Lisa May Remix) [Allfriends Records]

Another one from Lisa, but this time a more melodic and introspective track, yet with the heavy drums. Such a stripped-down track but so beautiful and well executed. This is definitely a must-play when you want to take the crowd to another dimension. 

Noir, RBBTS – Before We Fade [Noir Music]

 This is not just a track. Not just a tune. This is a song. I’m a sucker for vocals, melodies, and harmonies, even when they sound more pop. Like this one does but in a super sophisticated way. There’s finesse. There’s soul. There’s love. This musical piece is everything but “just a track.” It blew me away from the first time I heard it and it’s safe to say I’m addicted to it.

Mathew Jonson – Marionette (Stephan Bodzin Remix) [Sapiens Recordings]

For this one, I won’t say much. If you don’t know “Marionette” from Mathew Jonson, well, you should. It’s probably one of the most classic techno tracks there is. Period! When the maestro Stephan Bodzin puts his well-known Moog Bass version of the original synth line and adds some harmonies — something that he is also known for — well… you get a mouthful of awesomeness. 

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