Playlist of the Week: Spencer Brown

Playlist of the Week: Spencer Brown

Progressive house kingpin Spencer Brown celebrates Pride 2022 with a distinctive and diverse list of dance floor weapons for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

It’s an honor to make Beatport’s Playlist of the Week during Pride! I appreciate the invitation.

I love building sets that incorporate vastly different styles. Oftentimes, magic is created by mixing the unexpected. Because I play anywhere — from jungles to warehouses, tiny clubs to massive festivals — there’s a diverse selection of music in this playlist. Many of these tracks I found via Shazam while on the dance floor myself. That’s the best place to learn and grow as an artist. I live my life with an open ear. You never know where you’ll hear a secret weapon.

I hope you find music that resonates with you, and Happy Pride Month!

Invōker – Tōkyō [TAU]

Invōker is one of my favorite producers. His music is forward-thinking, and it sits in its own unique space. I found this track via Shazam during his own set; it lit up the room that night and went straight into my crates. A brilliant track that sounds like nothing else

Rodriguez Jr. – Kenopsia [Mobilee Records]

I found this track while I was at university in 2015. The mood it creates still gives me chills. It heavily inspired my debut album, Illusion of Perfection. Those bells! 

Spencer Brown – 18 Min Loop [diviine]

My debut release on my own label, diviine, showcased this track I never thought I’d play live. It was made to be music for highway driving, until I saw videos of John Digweed playing it in Argentina! After seeing such great reactions, I started playing it. It turned into an amazing moment in my sets.

Moojo, Arodes – Reborn [MoBlack Records]

What a tune. Energy, emotion, warmth, and nostalgia. This erupts any dancefloor, from an outdoor sunrise set in the jungle to a massive warehouse late at night. Never fails.

Plaster Hands – Black Guitar [Downtown Underground]

I finished a set in Tulum right before Paco Osuna. I decided to stick around, being a big fan of Paco. I found this via Shazam, and it turned into a great groover for my own sets. I’m a sucker for funky guitar. Thanks, Paco.

Peter Bailey, Carlos Fauvrelle – Jungle Hunt (Percussive Mix) [Insert Coin]

I was playing B2B with Qrion, when she pulled out this track from 2011. I have no idea where she found it, but it went straight into my crates. It’s a bomb. Thanks Q. 

Volen Sentir – Mitra [Lost & Found]

Laid back, stunning deep track for moments of reflection. Guy J’s Lost & Found is undoubtedly one of my favorite labels. Always fire. This one is a standout.

Kerri Chandler – Grass Cutter (Drumz Mix) [Nite Grooves]

Kerri is a legend. This timeless groove is a great tool when I need to change keys between two tracks that don’t mix. I made a personal edit of this track with a tweaked arrangement and some bass stabs. Tools are just as important as peak time tracks.

Morpei – Siente El Rhythm [Music is 4 Lovers]

That acid line! Yet another track I found via Shazam, this time via David Hohme, who is one of my favorite DJs. It erupts on any dance floor. Thanks, David!

The Wash – Manifest [Mango Alley]

Hypnotic progressive groover. The upbeat bouncy vibe reminds me of reggae in a strange way, evoking feelings of nostalgia from my childhood.

Afriqua – Aleph [R&S Records]

I am such a fan of Afriqua right now! His music and personality are both great. I initially found this via Shazam from a Patrice Bäumel set. Pat always finds the heat. I played this at an after-afterparty, and it created a unique energy as the sun was coming up.

Joseph Ray – Changing Lanes

For me, this is the best track on Anjuna in 2022. I was grateful to have my hands on this one before the release (thanks, Joe). I think this will be a future classic.

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