Playlist of the Week: HAAi

Playlist of the Week: HAAi

Ahead of her forthcoming album Baby, We’re Ascending, the revered Australian DJ/producer HAAi kicks over some of her best dance floor gems for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

A selection of club treats I’ve been playing out recently, plus my new single “Purple Jelly Disc,” a collaboration with my dear friend Obi Franky, which is one of the tracks I’m most proud of (in terms of production and the collab) on my forthcoming album Baby, We’re Ascending. Plus some picks from Luxe, Chippy Non Stop, Orbital, Daniel Avery, and more. Let’s go!

HAAi, Obi Franky – Purple Jelly Disc [Mute]

My new single and one of the tracks I’m most proud of on the album in terms of production and the collaboration with Obi Franky. I’d written the big baseline and most of the instrumentation, but Obi took it and turned it into something so magical. I can’t wait to play this at every festival this year. For me it feels so hopeful.

LUXE – Belonging [Radical New Theory]

A driving and euphoric track by extremely talented young producer LUXE, that I’ve been playing out recently. The title track of her EP, this vocal on this is really a moment.

Saoirse – (.)(.) [trUst recordings]

I’m a big fan of Saoise’s production (and of her as a DJ). She has carved out her own style within a genre that is uniquely her and “(.)(.)” is no exception. Driving, yet psychedelic, and always full of texture. Real treat in the club.

Ishi Vu – This Is Your Life [Different]

Ishi Vu has a real way of creating a sonic world. This track is 100% nostalgic euphoria. I opened my sugar mountain boiler room and have closed many sets with it

Chippy Nonstop, DJ Genderfluid – Straight to Hell [Wet Trax]

I’m a big fan of Chippie. This collab with DJ Genderfluid has been a staple in my sets for some time now and always pays off. The line “straight to hell and come back” looping forever would make me very happy.

Tygapaw – Get Free [NAAFI]

When I heard this track from Tygapaw last year sometime, I was so excited at the idea of clubs coming back just so I could play this. So powerful and driving. Tygapaw is one of the best in their genre.

X Club – Turning A Blind Eye To This Nonsense [10 Pills Mate]

I have played “Turning A Blind Eye To This Nonsense” every set since it was sent to me by the boys. As well as every B2B with Daniel Avery, this track is always a go to.

Fred Again.., Romy, HAAi – Lights Out (HAAi Remix) [Atlantic Records]

My remix of my collaboration with Romy and Fred Again.., I wanted to make a more playable version of our track to close the club with. I think it works!

* This track is currently unavailable in the US — listen to the original here.

LUXE – A83 [Radical New Theory]

LUXE again here with this incredible track with so many twists and turns. It garnered early support from Mary Anne Hobbs and has done some damage in the club. You can really hear LUXE’s classical background in the composition here. A very special track.

Loraine James – Let’s Go [Hyperdub]

I’ve been a fan of Lorraine James for some time now, and this track is no exception. Lorraine has a real way with experimentation. It’s something I’m in awe of.

Club Tularosa – No Regrets (feat. Megan Sutherland) [Me Me Me]

This one is also taken from my Boiler Room set. I’ve played this many times over. Something about the certainty of the vocal over a driving nu-disco beat really sets the floor alight.

PARRIS – Skaters World (feat. Eden Samara) [Can You Feel The Sun]

Parris is an incredible producer (and DJ), and this collaboration with Eden Samara is no exception. A dream-soaked journey and perfect for the end of the night.

Leon Vynehall – Sugar Slip (The Lick) [fabric]

Leon Vynehall’s way with production is so unique to him. His composition and way of creating a mood are unmatched, in my opinion. Sugar Slip showcases the artist’s control in a build paired with an explosive drop. A weapon in any set.

* This track is currently unavailable in the US.

Peach – Galaxy Girl [Peach Discs]

I love Peach, I love her music, and I love her DJing. Again, her production style has a unique playfulness that pairs well with how she plays. “Galaxy Girl” is a fail-safe in my sets.

Orbital – Are We Here? (Shanti Celeste Remix) [Orbital Recordings]

This remix by Shanti is such a treat to listen to and play. She is such an incredibly talented producer, DJ, and artist. Incredible remix!

Anz – Real Enough To Feel Good [Ninja Tune]

One of my fave producers of the past couple of years, Anz, continues to put out so much quality music that is in its own lane.

HAAi – Keep on Believing [Mute]


Daniel Avery – Yesterday Faded [Phantasy Sound / Mute]

Dan has mastered the light and dark in his productions. His tracks are instantly recognisable as his own. This track is a heavy and emotion euphoria.

Hammer – Strangeness [Italo Hiits]

Hammer is a producer who makes so much music and all at such an incredible level of style and production. A real flair for Italo and melody. I love his music.

Juno Mamba – 1996 (Manami Remix) [Soothsayer Rec]

This Manami remix of Australia’s Juno Mamba is such a journey. So many twists and turns as well as frequency shifts within the track. I almost fell on the floor when that bass came in halfway through.

Batu – Inner Space [Timedance]

I love Batu’s production and DJing. “Inner Space” is a glitchy, rhythmic and driving track and so intense. Love it!

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