Playlist of the Week: BEC

Playlist of the Week: BEC

British techno dynamo BEC puts together a heavyweight list of her most treasured tracks via Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Check out my top 20 tracks of the moment, which include a new, official remix I did for The Course called “Ready Or Not.” There’s also material from some of my favourite artists, including Ritzi Lee, Eira Haul, Piska Power and one of my all-time go-to producers, Peder Mannerfelt. Overall, they are all pretty high-energy techno belters that you’d definitely hear me playing out in a club.

Start mixing BEC’s playlist on Beatport LINK, or on LINK’s new DJ web app.

The Course – Ready Or Not (BEC’s Rave Remix) [Altra Moda Music]

I recently remixed the super classic track “Ready Or Not” with two versions. I love the Rave Remix — it goes down a treat on the dancefloor. 

Peder Mannerfelt – Done Talking [Leyla Records]

I really love all of Peder’s work. I was lucky enough to have him remix my track “Time Illusion” on my own label last year. “Done Talking” uses a great vocal sample with some really banging beats. Top-notch!

Imperfect Panic – Mr.Whistle [trau-ma]

I chose this track as it’s pretty unique. I really enjoy playing tracks that stand out in my DJ sets. This is for sure one of them, with the “whistle” type sample that is used throughout the track — love it!

Shlomi Aber – Tell Ya What [Be As One]

Shlomi always hits the nail on the head, and did again with “Tell Ya What.” I’m really digging the vocal, and whole vibe of this track. 

Piska Power – Thermal Cycler [Voam]

I admire both Blawan and Pariah, so it’s no doubt that I love anything they run together as Karenn. I’ve discovered loads of new artists through their label, Voam, Piska Power being another one of them!

Eira Haul – In The Night [OSF]

Love everything about this track. It lights the dancefloor on fire. I really like the slight vocal sample, contrasted with the more sinister synth sound and melodic line. 

Paul Atriedes, Diego James – Rave Science [Eclipse Recordings]

This is a track I’ve consistently played in my sets the past month or so. I feel it has a great build to it and is really nice to transition to a slightly tougher end of my set. The break is really cool.

Kuzcko – The March Of Hope [Take Hit Records]

This is a very euphoric track. The drums are super tight, I’m loving how the tom fits into the bass before a light and airy pad comes in, changing the vibe of the track from more dark to uplifting. I really like to see contrast within a track.

Ritzi Lee – Binary Steam Processor [[R]3volution]

Ritzi Lee is one of my all-time favourite artists. He is consistently so great and I really like to notice every track he puts out, so I can take some inspiration from them!

Amour Noir – Race [MHz]

A cool and groovy track! What more can I say!

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