Playlist of the Week: Anfisa Letyago

Playlist of the Week: Anfisa Letyago

Naples-based DJ/producer Anfisa Letyago tells us about 10 of her most treasured tracks for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Ahead of my debut EP for Kompakt’s Speicher series, here are 10 of my all-time favourite tracks. Enjoy!

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Amenity – Link [Evolution/Universal Language]

This one is a track from 1992 by Mark Pritchard, an artist I follow a lot. For me, it represents the essence of techno/electronic music of that period. Many times I close my sets with this song — it leaves a mark.

Luke Slater – Love [Mute]

To stream the track in the US, go here.

Luke Slater is one of my favorite artists of the ‘90s techno scene, and “Love” is one of the tracks that I love so much, it’s always in my sets.

Cosmic Baby – Fantasia (Original Mix) [Time Out Of Mind Records]

I love the spatial mood of Harald Bluchel, it is unmistakable when I listen to his music, “Fantasia” is a trance song that with its energy brings you to another dimension

Gaetek, Gaetano Parisio – Last Three Months A1 [Conform]

Gaetano Parisio is the pioneer and inventor of the “Neapolitan” techno sound. With his unique style in the productions, he creates a groove that hooks you with its irresistible rhythm. His songs are never missing from my DJ sets — I feel the Neapolitan techno inside!

Ricky Le Roy – Dancer (Club Mix) [Media Records]

Ricky Le Roy is a historic Italian DJ and producer. When I was a teenager and I went dancing I often heard his songs on the dancefloor, and “Dancer” is one of them.

DJ Rush – That’s What I’m Talking About (Original Mix [Kne’Deep]

DJ Rush is a legend! I love the power and energy he puts into his productions, and even more I love his voice and his lyrics that he puts into them — super addictive!

Plastikman, Richie Hawtin – Mind in Rewind [Minus]

It’s one of my favorite tracks from Richie Hawtin’s album, Closer. I really like the conceptual project Plastikman. I often listen to this album especially when I travel.

Robert Miles – Red Zone (Original Mix) [Smilax Records]

To stream the track in the US, go here.

Robert Miles is one of the most important artists of the trance scene in the world. I have listened to his works since I was a child, everywhere on the radio, on television and also when I started to go to the disco! In Italy, there is not an event without his music.

Underworld – Born Slippy (Nuxx) [UMC]

To stream the track in the US, go here.

“Born Slippy” is the anthem of worldwide club culture, who doesn’t love it!

Moby – Go (Original Mix) [Mute/BMG]

To stream the track in the US, go here.

I have the original vinyl of this track and I’m very fond of it! I actually love all of Moby’s productions, he’s a great reference for me.

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