DJ Godfather Drops New 46-Track Album, ‘This Detroit Thing Of Ours’

DJ Godfather Drops New 46-Track Album, ‘This Detroit Thing Of Ours’

The Detroit underground veteran has released a fully-loaded arsenal of ghetto-tech, house, electro, techno and scratch tracks via his Database Records imprint.

Ghetto-tech pioneer and electro enforcer DJ Godfather has dropped a brand-new 46-track album titled This Detroit Thing Of Ours.

DJ Godfather has been a prominent figure in Detroit’s underground scene for decades, releasing hundreds of high-octane dance floor tracks via his Twilight 76 and Database Records imprints, earning him a cult-like following. 

The album comes a year after his 2020 debut LP Electro Beats For Freaks — an album that also came fully loaded with 44-tracks. 

Traversing genres like electro, techno, house and scratch tracks, along with his signature ghettotech style, This Detroit Thing Of Ours is a ceaseless and unapologetically raw collection of tunes that will devastate your speakers. The album also includes collaborations with the likes of DJ Deeon, Goodmoney G100, King Saaidi, Gettoblaster & Missy, Lil Mz 313, Dan Diamond, and more. Check out the full LP below.

DJ Godfather’s new album This Detroit Thing Of Ours is out now via Database Records.

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