Introducing Beatport Mobile v1.2, Now Free for All Users

Introducing Beatport Mobile v1.2, Now Free for All Users

Take control of your music, and bring your Beatport playlists and libraries anywhere with the new and improved Beatport Mobile App — available on iOS and Android.

Beatport has upgraded its powerful mobile app, making it available for all to enjoy, even those without a Beatport subscription!

Designed to empower DJs’ creative workflow and optimize mobile-friendly music search, the Beatport Mobile App is the perfect tool for managing your Beatport library and discovering new music on-the-go.

The launch of The Beatport Mobile App 1.2 makes it easier than ever to create an account and get started right from the login screen. We’ve also added the ability to preview pre-orders and “download only” tracks, which were previously unavailable on the app; added pre-orders to playlists and the ability to shuffle both playlists and releases, with enabled notifications that will alert you before adding duplicate tracks to a playlist. 

Check out the video below to get a complete walkthrough of what Beatport Mobile has to offer.

With the Beatport Mobile app, you can effortlessly create playlists on-the-go and discover new music as you dig into our genre pages, top releases, and expertly curated charts from our staff and some of dance music’s biggest acts. In addition, you can follow your favorite genres, artists, and labels to make sure you never miss a release through your personalized My Beatport feed.

You can take full advantage of the app and do away with two-minute previews by signing up for Beatport Streaming ($9.99/month). With a Beatport subscription, you get full-track playback and waveform control across the mobile app, the Beatport DJ web app, the Beatport site, and unlimited re-downloads of purchased tracks. Try out a free 30-day trial here!

Whether you’re looking to add a few fresh tracks to your set just before a gig or to create the perfect playlist for spontaneous dance parties with your friends, the Beatport Mobile app will help you harness inspiration whenever and wherever it strikes.

The Beatport Mobile App is compatible with both Apple and Android Devices.

Download for free on the iOS App Store.

Download for free on the Google Play App Store

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