Beatport Hype x Colorize Launch Producer Competition

Beatport Hype x Colorize Launch Producer Competition

Beatport Hype’s new label accelerator program, The Next Level, kicks off its first production competition with Colorize — giving producers worldwide the rare opportunity to score an official release on the celebrated UK progressive house imprint.

Having just graduated 20 imprints from its highly successful promotional platform for independent labels, Beatport has teamed up with five of these graduates — Alula Tunes, The Myth of NYX, Colorize (Enhanced), Deepalma, and Area Verde — to enter into a new and exciting phase of the Beatport Hype program.

Throughout 2023, Beatport Hype – The Next Level will host independent production competitions alongside these five distinguished labels, allowing music producers the chance to win an official release on each imprint and widespread support from Beatport and the label itself.

These labels will release their own Loopcloud PLAY instrument packs for each competition, which will serve as the foundation of each submitted demo on LabelRadar. A 30-day free trial to Loopcloud will be offered to all competition participants.

Beatport Hype’s first competition kicks things off with Colorize — the sub-label of the London-based imprint Enhanced Music. Its eclectic sound palate and experienced roster — including names like Matt Fax, PRAANA, Estiva, Lipless, Just Her, and Boxer — Colorize has garnered a reputation for pushing the UK’s melodic and progressive house scene into more vibrant territory since 2011. 

In celebration of Klur’s debut album, Visions, on Colorize, producers are invited to create their own original tracks featuring some of the sounds that form the core essence of the project. Powered by Loopcloud PLAY, you are able to make these signature sounds your own by having complete control and customization in order to create your very own masterpiece!


– An official release on Colorize
– Inclusion in a Beatport Curated Playlist
– Promotion on Beatport’s homepage
– 75 LabelRadar credits
– Support Across Colorize’s social platforms


*All submissions must be made by 11:59pm PST on February 19th 2023.


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