The 7 Best Bass Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

The 7 Best Bass Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring DJ Earl, Ivy Lab, Kodama, Idle Mind Workshop, and more.

DJ Earl – Wrk Dat Body [Moveltraxx]

Coming soon via the Paris-born, London-based imprint Moveltraxx, “Wrk Dat Body” is the first single from DJ Earl’s sophomore album Bass + Funk & Soul. This one’s a fresh, classic tune in the Teklife tradition with a smart alternation of choirs and vocals.

Sumgii, Illaman, Chunky – Lost in Space (Zed Bias Remix) [Potent Funk]

Sumgii, Illaman, and Chunky joined forces on the breaks and garage-influenced “Lost In Space,” and one week later, we got this sick remix from Zed Bias: it’s minimalistic yet heavy, with a huge kick and UK funky swing. Love it!

Ivy Lab – Fidget – [20/20 LDN Recordings]

Ivy Lab are back on their own label 20/20 LDN Recordings, with “Fidget,” a track that boasts a deconstructed beat with TR-808 elements. The predominant kick is supported by a soulful vocal contrasted by an anxiety-inducing vibe, but it closes with a dreamy pad on the back half to make this track stand out, just like a lot of the music from this label.

 Sweepa, Tosti – Ketel (TMSV Remix) [Basskruit]

Let’s celebrate the creation of Basskruit, a new deep dubstep label launched by Duploc founder Pieter Grauwels and the talented producer Hebbe. TMSV’s remix of “Ketel” by Sweepa and Tosti is a fine deep dubstep track with nice work on the swing, accentuated by several layers of percussion, a swamp of bass, and a catchy flute melody. A future classic for sure.

Kodama – Piranha Plant [Subaltern Records]

Check out “Piranha Plant,” the latest track from Kodama off Subaltern Records. I remember the smash hit “IMHK” from Glume and Phossa on the same label, and upon finding “Piranha Plant,” I was expecting a track with a great melody — and here we are. The alternation of piano, bells, and different melodic percussion creates a beautiful orchestration. I love these 140 BPM vibes!

 Idle Mind Workshop, Rider Shafique – Take Time (Murder He Wrote Remix) [Plasma Audio]

Check out Murder He Wrote’s remix of the big collaboration between Idle Minds Workshop and Rider Shafique, “Take Time.” As expected, Murder He Wrote brings a UK funky beat supported by the cool and calm flow from Rider Shafique and a heavy bass synth to test the subwoofers.

Oolacile – Cloud Mind [Halcyon Music House]

When it comes to the future of dubstep, Oolacile is an artist who continues to push the genre’s boundaries and lead his community. Following the launch of his own label Halcyon Sound, Oolacile dropped a new full-length record that’s teeming with cutting-edge sound design — check out “Cloud Mind” for a delightfully disorienting listening experience.

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