Playlist of the Week: Andhim

Playlist of the Week: Andhim

Cologne-based duo Andhim put together a playlist of the music that has kept them moving and in good spirits outside of the club.

This playlist reflects pretty well what we’re listening to outside of the studio and clubs. It’s a deeper dive into the world of electronic music and all the artists featured here are huge inspirations for us. We love to take new attempts on our own way of creating music. Music you may have never heard on the dance floor before. That’s why we also added some so-called b-sides of ours to this playlist. We hope you like our selection and find the beauty in electronic music in all its facets.

Sailor & I – Sleep (Andhim Remix) [METAPHYSICAL]

The remix for Sailor & I is very special to us since we tried to create something really new and fresh and got carried away by creating it when we were in the studio. The rhythm of the drums has something hypnotic and wild, whereas the chords create a very warm atmosphere.

Haider – Maracuja [Breaker Breaker]

We are so much into breakbeat lately, and Haider drops an absolute killer one with Maracuja. So clean and simple yet powerful. You get really pulled in by it.

Caribou – Like I Loved You (India Jordan Remix) [City Slang]

Caribou has always been one of our heroes. His auditive fingerprint is just unique and to remain it without getting repetitive or boring is just pure art. With that being said, it’s even more outstanding that this remix by India Jordan can give the song a new and exciting approach.

Bonobo – Heartbreak [OUTLIER]

Such an energetic and driving track. Love the pattern and the vocals, which bring back pure old-school nostalgia.

Baril – Vocales [Intercept]

So chill. We could listen to it on an endless loop.

Daphni – Life’s What You Make It [Jiaolong]

Sometimes we don’t even know who we like more, Caribou or his alter ego Daphni. This man is such an inspiration. We really love the vibe of the song with its swirling melody and its loose arrangement. The title alone should be a guideline for all of us.

Andhim – Dira [Superfriends Records]

This is one of our more unknown songs which wasn’t made for the dance floor, but for the pure pleasure of listening. We tried to tell a story with how we built up the song and arrangement, so you get really taken on a journey through sound here.

Schneider TM – The Light 3000 [City Slang]

A wonderful lofi cover of The Smith’s classic song “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out.” We always loved the original, but this version has its own wonderful melancholy to it.

Bullion – Blue Pedro [Unknown Label]

This was the first track we heard of Bullion. He is such a versatile and exciting producer, and “Blue Pedro” is such a wonderfully carefree and happy track. Good vibes only.

Rheingold – 3Klangsdimensionen [3Klang Records]

Rheingold is typical German Krautrock/Elektro Pop, and it reminds one of the early days of German electronic music and its pioneers like Kraftwerk or La Düsseldorf. We’ve always loved the voice of Bodo Staiger.

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