Lorenzo BITW Picks 9 Essential Artists From Italy’s new Underground

Lorenzo BITW Picks 9 Essential Artists From Italy’s new Underground

Italian producer Lorenzo BITW, whose new album Pantea is out now, picks nine artists who are blowing up the Italian electronic underground.

The Italian new underground electronic scene is blooming and eclectic. Producers are taking influences from all over the world to create something new and to build a personal music language.

Check out Lorenzo BITW’s new album, Pantea, out now on Future Bounce.


A young DJ and producer behind one of the most buzzing radio stations in Rome called Radiosugo. His recent album Inner was a very good listen, packed with slow and emotional jams.


A tireless traveler and a sound explorer, Mondocane fuses different worlds in his musical journeys, from dark soundscapes typical of the Berlin techno to bright melodies and African samples. Andrea loves to travel, and this is reflected in both his music productions and DJ sets, which are very wide and can touch various places and various tempos.


Plastica is the alias of Matilde Ferrari, a young producer based in Milan. She is also behind the Poche Collective, a platform aimed for girls who make electronic music. Her style is very versatile and she can make a hip hop wonky beat or a pop production for a major act.


Splendore is one of the most intriguing and fascinating projects coming from Italy recently. Mattia Barro makes avant-garde pop music and experiments a lot with sounds and with his own voice. He is behind the collective and music label Ivreatronic, and he is also a very versatile DJ who can make the crowd dance like crazy and cry at the same time.


Acidgigi is the moniker of Luigi Guadagnino. His most recent EP Hypersomnia is such a fantastic work, dreamy and danceable at the same. Luigi is also a DJ and I look forward to hearing one of his sets when clubs reopen.


Hyperpop and glitch makes a perfect match in the beautiful project of Alessandro Catalano. His new and upcoming material is very exciting but in the meantime check his first album Litania, which came out last year.


Munstac is part of the collective Fromdiscotodisco based in Vicenza. His DJ sets are often dark with a strong energy, but in his latest release called Glicine he explored a more cinematic and musical side, and it’s a fantastic release.


Rokeya music is made to make you travel both with your mind and with your feet. She defines herself as a “cosmic traveler” and her sets explore different worlds and are often packed with her own productions.


Prest is a resident DJ on Radio Raheem and also part of Radiosugo. He has been very active in the scene recently working on a beautiful compilation with Burrostudio. Luca loves to DJ and dig for new music and you can really hear it in his sets.

Lorenzo BITW’s album ‘Pantea’ was released via Future Bounce on May 14th. Buy it here.

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