Koloah’s Track-by-Track Guide to the Kyiv Underground

Koloah’s Track-by-Track Guide to the Kyiv Underground

Hailing from Kyiv, Dmitry Avksentiev (AKA Koloah) is one of the city’s foremost purveyors of underground music. Here, the DJ-producer guides us through the exciting productions coming out of the Ukrainian capital.

For the last 5-7 years, our underground music scene has been progressing and getting more and more interesting. On the one hand, there are clubs like Closer and ∄ on Kyrylivska Street. Parties Like CXEMA, Rhythm Büro, Veselka. Strichka and Brave Factory Festivals. On the other hand, there are many local music activists and producers who are rising up and turning our city into one of Europe’s most unique hubs for dance music. I wanted to share them with you.

Lumitecc – Escapist [Rawax]

Stoned mood of long-forgotten, hot, and warm summer days in Kyiv.

Hidden Element – Being Nervous Is Just Fine [Thousand Kisses Place]

My personal favourite on the EP — epic moves and despair feelings. 

Konakov – Clonki Part 2 [K7 Records]

Bohdan Konakov is the head of ШЩЦ Records and party series. He produces everything from techno to trance to ambient to experimental music. Music for dancing and home-listening alike, his productions are fantastic.

ϙue – Between Soil And Shadows [Mystictrax]

I’ve been watching this artist for many years already. I love the future garage vibe that he mixes with techno and house. More or less dark, but with beautiful grooves.

Sasha Zlykh – Lie To Your Mom [The Press Group]

Sasha is a producer of the new generation. He has only been producing for a few years, but he’s already had a couple of great releases.

Vero, Na Nich – Morning [Rhythm Buro Records]

Beautiful work from Vero and Na Nich on Rhythm Buro Records. These guys really know how to create compelling dance music after many years of production and DJing around Ukraine. 

Recid – Cave [Arts]

One of my favourite techno artists in the local scene right now.

Radiant Futur – 101 Avenue [Mystictrax]

These guys you need to remember. I predict that they’re a group you’ll be hearing about very soon.

Vadim Griboedov – Lustprinzip [Subself Records]

Vadim has had a lot of experience. His works are always a pleasure to listen or dance to.

Stanislav Tolkachev – X-press [Black Records]

What can I say either than Stanislav is one of the biggest names in the local electronic music scene. Get locked!

Koloah’s Borderlines EP is out now on Thousand Kisses Place. Buy it here.  

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