Eluize Explains Beatport LINK’s Streaming Royalties

Eluize Explains Beatport LINK’s Streaming Royalties

Learn more about Beatport LINK with Berlin’s Eluize.

Beatport LINK is a revolutionary DJ tool that allows users the ability to stream Beatport’s entire catalogue straight into their DJ gear. We’ve discussed what this means for beginner digital DJs here.

In this video series, ://about blank regular Eluize digs deeper into LINK, delving into its many uses and capabilities. In this episode, Eluize takes a moment to discuss royalties and how streaming tracks on LINK pays artists up to 10 times what your typical streaming sites pay out. Watch below.


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Check out Eluize’s first impressions of Beatport LINK here.

Sign up for a free Beatport LINK account here.  

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