Beatport Exclusive: LCY Merges Mythology and Breaks with “Teeth”

Beatport Exclusive: LCY Merges Mythology and Breaks with “Teeth”

The SZNS7N label boss shares the third single off their forthcoming six-track EP Pulling Teeth — set to drop on April 22nd.

London-based producer, DJ, and visual artist LCY (FKA L U C Y) is gearing up to release their much-anticipated Pulling Teeth EP on the artist’s cutting-edge club music label, SZNS7N.

The conceptual six-track EP is LCY’s “first completely non-fiction project and experience with world-building” that’s been two years in the making. 

Inspired by their intensive research and understanding of Celtic folklore, the record’s narrative centers around the artist’s personal and dystopian depiction of Ériu — the mythical matron goddess of Ireland. The EP has a whole personifies LCY’s interpretation of the ancient goddess’s lore, with each track separately grappling with the themes of creation, worship, abuse, trauma, consciousness, and ultimate decay.

“The story follows a post-human, post-human friendly AI landscape where the robots known as ‘the organism’ build a robot with a human brain (and accidentally a canine mouth) to in part worship and in part experiment on,” says LCY about the project. “The story expands throughout the project, and everything down to the tiniest of frequencies has been built with the intention of immersing the listener.” 

First introducing the character with an accompanying music video for the single “Garden of 10,” and further embedding us into Ériu’s story with the track “Shhh,” LCY’s third offering “Teeth” — available now as a Beatport exclusive — is the forthcoming EP’s lead track. Kicking things off with a haunting string arrangement, the track eases into a future-industrial breaks territory before launching into an alien-like acid assault. Check it out below.

The far-out world that LCY has built around Pulling Teeth will also come in the form of a seven-image graphic novel that will be revealed chapter by chapter over the coming weeks.

LCY’s ‘Pulling Teeth’ EP is out via SZNS7N on April 22nd. Purchase on Beatport.

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