Music at Home: Moscoman

Music at Home: Moscoman

As the world continues living life in isolation, we visit with artists across the globe to find out what they’re listening to, and how they’re listening habits have changed under quarantine.

In this round of our series, we speak to the widely acclaimed Israeli DJ/producer and Disco Halal label founder, Moscoman, who walks us through the sounds he’s listening to under lockdown.

Why have you chosen these tracks? 

These are the tunes that I really love lately and since ever, because it’s a mix of new and old. 

How have your listening habits changed in isolation? 

My habits are pretty the same, trying to maintain some kind of normality in these crazy times. 

Is there music you have rediscovered recently? 

Not really because my listening habits are in sequences: I listen to the same stuff for a period, move on, and then I go back. So it’s back and again kinda vibes regarding the whole matter. 

Do you view music differently than you did before the pandemic? 

I feel as I have felt forever that artists are being underpaid and are dependent on live gigs, and now it’s a really bad time for all of us. I hope from that we can find the balance of making 50 percent of our music production and 50 percent of our performances 

What’s something you recommend everyone watch while under lockdown? 

Gattaca, Andrew Nicool’s movie from 1997. It’s a must-watch.

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