Beatport Podcast: Jeff Mills

Beatport Podcast: Jeff Mills

This week’s podcast features none other than The Wizard himself, Jeff Mills — the Detroit pioneer whose prolific output has seen him push boundaries on the dance floor and far beyond.


With our host, Tigerlight, Mills talks about his latest project, Sight Sound And Space, as well as scoring silent films, orchestral collaborations, space travel, VR, the perception of sight and sound in art, the philosophy of composition and surrealism, getting older in dance music, Axis Recordings in 2020 and much, much more.

To download the album talked about in this podcast, head to, and use the password: icanfeelit


The Hunter


The 25th Hour 

Spiral Galaxy

Stabilising the Spin

The Drive Home


Transformation B (Rotwang’s Revenge)

The Resolution

Aitken Bain

Ambience: Multi-Dimentional Freedom

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