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We get to know Miss Monique, the Ukrainian progressive house artist who’s exploded onto the world stage.

85 million views on YouTube, almost a million followers across social media, seven years of touring the world, founder of Beatport’s 5th best-selling progressive house label — Miss Monique‘s numbers are unreal. She should be on top of the world and soaking up the Sharm el-Sheik sun that is beaming down on her between gigs in Egypt. But instead, she is slightly flustered and needlessly apologising for being precisely 60 seconds late to our Zoom interview.

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“I am so glad no one was there and no one had camera phones because that was the worst set in my life,” she laughs. She still has the same CDJs and until recently used them for her weekly podcast, but now of course her skills are vastly improved. In fact, they improved in double quick time: a month after her first gig, a second local club came calling, and for the next five years Alesia played extensively throughout the country.