BEC Launches New Label, Embargo, Alongside a Collaboration with KiNK

The debut release on BEC’s label is a stomping techno track entitled “Artificial Malfunction,” produced with the Bulgarian studio maestro, KiNK.

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Beatportal BEC Embargo
Feb 16, 2024
Harry Levin

Since 2016, Berlin’s own BEC has been making a name for herself as a producer, DJ, and live artist. Now, she is rounding out her presence in dance music with her brand new label, Embargo. Though BEC has a solid foundation in the world of techno, every genre will have a place on the label and every release will be paired with a bespoke piece of digital art directed by BEC.

“The core of Embargo is its emphasis on breaking free from restrictions. For me personally, the naming deeply resonates with various aspects of human life, highlighting the struggles against societal constraints and the journey towards freedom and authenticity,” says BEC.

For the first release, BEC collaborated with another artist who produces with total freedom and authenticity: KiNK. The track is entitled “Artificial Malfunction,” and the only “standard” thing about it is the 4/4 beat. Listen below.

Within its five-and-a-half minutes, BEC and KiNK layer numerous syncopated rhythms. Drums, pads, and ascending melodies all intertwine into a cacophonous mass. Then a stuttering, computerized oration of the word “malfunction” removes the volume, creating instant suspense for the return of the kick.

“KiNK was playing on a Sunday in Berlin, we chatted after his gig and locked in a studio session for the following day. We were just looking to jam together and have some fun in the studio with my machines. In a matter of hours, “Artificial Malfunction” was produced,” BEC says. “A perfect start to the label’s ethos: when minds converge, magic happens.”

BEC and KiNK’s new collaborative track “Artificial Malfunction” is out now via Embargo. Buy it on Beatport.

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