Elkka Collaborates with John Carroll Kirby on Alluring New Single, “Passionfruit”

The UK-based singer, DJ and producer explores sensuality via an extended improvisation she devised alongside the jazz legend.

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Jan 17, 2024
Harry Levin

Elkka understands that, on the dancefloor, people communicate with their bodies rather than their words. In this hypnotic environment, soul connections can form in mere minutes with careful application of time and seduction, and she is emphasizing this scenario with her new single, “Passionfruit” — out now via Ninja Tune.

Clocking in at over nine minutes, the track sonically explores the delicate dance that leads from obscurity to intimacy. Jazz piano legend John Carroll Kirby is the coauthor, working with Elkka after she slid into his DMs on Instagram. With his instrumental mastery, the pair were able to move through different musical ideas while retaining a cohesive narrative throughout.

“This song was born out of an improvisation between John and I in the studio. I took it home and expected to cut up certain sections, re-arrange, etc, but I quickly realized that I loved how it developed, expanded, and didn’t rush. That’s what the song is about. The pleasure in taking your time with someone, to explore them and them you. There’s nothing better. When I think about women and sensuality… this is what melts me,” Elkka said in a press release for “Passionfruit.” Listen below.

Starting out with a kick that has more presence than punch, chords from Kirby slowly filter in as Elkka introduces the sparse and euphonious electronic hook.

From there, opposing piano and synthetic ideas move between one another in a manner that is more human than a standard call-and-response. Kirby provides descending arpeggios and bright flourishes. Elkka implements oscillating pads that sift through the soundscape.

As the relationship becomes more familiar, a striking drum beat catalyzes a more open feel emphasized by choral vocal samples and even more ambitious instrumental passages. Then, in the last few seconds, the music quickly but naturally fades as the delicate dance completes.

Elkka’s new single “Passionfruit” is out now via Ninja Tune. Buy it on Beatport.

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