ONE OFF TRAKS Writing Camp: Applications Open Now

Following its inaugural edition in 2023, ONE OFF TRAKS, the pioneering all-female, trans, and non-binary focused writing camp, is returning.

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Feb 2, 2024
Grace Phillips

Held across four days in April, this collaboration between One Day Entertainment, Offbeat Collective, and Elefant Traks aims to bring together budding creatives from all across Australia. Each day, participants will connect and collaborate through song-writing sessions and workshops held by industry leaders in A&R, sync, publishing and more. ONE OFF TRAKS has also announced its new national expansion, made possible through the support of Beatport’s Diversity + Parity Fund.

Carolina De La Piedra of Elefant Traks shares more about ONE OFF TRAKS’ passion for lowering the barrier of entry for underrepresented voices in the music industry. Learn more and check out the interview below.

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Can you tell us some of the issues you are addressing at ONE OFF TRAKS?

We’re extremely aware of the imbalance and male dominance in studio sessions, writing rooms, line ups and generally in the music industry and the intimidation and uncomfortability that women and gender non-conforming artists can experience in these spaces in particular. Our aim was to establish a sanctuary—a safe haven—where artists from marginalised groups are not only welcomed but celebrated, placing them front and centre. Our goal is to furnish them with the resources, opportunities, and the facilities necessary to craft world class music.

What changes do you want to see in the music industry?

We want to see female, trans & nonbinary artists at the front of music creation!

It’s not merely about ticking boxes; it’s about creating a genuine culture of inclusivity and support. We believe that when larger organisations take a stand and actively invest in providing equitable opportunities and safe spaces for underrepresented groups, it sets a powerful precedent. It signals a commitment to diversity and inclusivity that can resonate across the entire industry, ultimately leading to a more vibrant, innovative, and representative music landscape for everyone involved.

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What are the main goals and drive for your initiative?

We want to bring female, trans & non binary creatives to the forefront of music creation.

We want to facilitate and encourage the release of world class music and collaboration.

We want to share industry knowledge and ‘leave the doors’ unlocked behind us.

Ultimately, ONE OFF TRAKS seeks to contribute to a broader cultural shift within the music industry. We aim to challenge norms, redefine standards, and inspire a collective mindset that values and uplifts diverse voices, leading to a more vibrant, innovative, and representative music landscape.

ONE OFF TRAKS 2024 Key Dates:

– Feb 16th 2024: Applications Close

– Feb 23rd 2024: Applicants Notified

– April 9th-12th 2024: Camp Dates

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