Meet the Artists of Beatport Next’s Class of 2024

Beatport introduces the twelve talented artists that will make up its Beatport Next Class of 2024.

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Jan 24, 2024
Cameron Holbrook

Beatport has a proud history of helping grow the careers of up-and-coming dance music artists. First launched in 2021, Beatport’s accelerator program for emerging artists, Beatport Next, has given numerous acts a significant career boost, providing them with the promotional tools they need to amplify their sound and introduce them to audiences worldwide.

Initially featuring six artists before increasing that number to eight in 2022, Beatport has decided to expand its Next program even further this year by welcoming twelve members to the Beatport Next Class of 2024.

Throughout the course of this year, the Beatport Group will dedicate itself to providing these artists dozen acts with unparalleled exposure, featuring them across their real-estate of products and services. This comprehensive support extends to curated playlists, exclusive coverage on Beatportal, engaging live streams, and robust social media backing.

These new members join the ranks of an elite group of Beatport Next alumni — artists who have grown their careers into becoming some of dance music’s most sought-after acts. These names include TSHA, Kevin de Vries, Nia Archives, Logic1000, VNSSA, IMANU, AMÉMÉ, Emily Nash, Jaden Thompson, Nikki Nair, HoneyLuv, Coco & Breezy, Junior Simba, and many more.

After completing its extensive selection process, Beatport is thrilled to announce its twelve new acts hailing from all corners of the globe, all with a broad spectrum of sounds, that will make up the Beatport Next Class of 2024.

Check out the Beatport Next 2024 playlist.
BP Next Chart Ahadadream 560x560


Ahadadream’s music is pure percussive energy with menacing, coiled energy waiting to be unfurled. His unique drum-focused production draws influence from sounds across the UK, his homeland of Pakistan, the African Diaspora, and beyond. With unflagging passion, the London-based artist manages various facets of his creative self, predominantly as a DJ and producer, but also A&R, label-head, event director, and one of the UK club scene’s leading tastemakers.

BP Next Chart Aida Arko 560x560

Aida Arko

An Iranian-born electronic music producer and DJ, Aida Arko has become a prominent figure in the techno scene. Influenced by the Persian underground scene and her cultural heritage, Aida left her academic pursuits in biology to embark on a global journey in performance and music. As she continues to challenge the status quo, she remains an inspiration to women in the music industry and beyond.

BP Next Chart Anais 560x560


Blazing the trail for a new generation of D&B artists, Bristol-based Anaïs’ fierce dedication to the art of DJing is propelling her to the forefront of the scene. Her dynamic selections and energetic mixing style leave every audience shouting for more, while earning the artist prime spots at flagship events including Boomtown, Hospitality, DnB Allstars, Electric Woodlands, and countless others.

BP Next Chart Baalti 560x560


Baalti makes underground dance music with South Asian flavor. Their highly percussive and rhythm-driven style effortlessly blends UK-influenced club music with sounds rooted in their Indian identities. They released their sophomore EP Better Together to critical acclaim, and have toured their live show and DJ sets across the US, Europe, and India, supporting acts like Overmono and Bonobo, to name a few.

BP Next Chart Bianca Oblivion 560x560

Bianca Oblivion

Bianca Oblivion is a connector of the global club underground, drawing lines between US & UK bass music, baile funk, reggaeton, grime, vogue, and beyond. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she has long been involved in multiple facets of nightlife, continuously working to create spaces for femme, non-binary, queer, and POC artists, most recently with her DJ crew/event series Warp Mode.

BP Next Chart Charisse C 560x560

Charisse C

DJ, artist, founder of Abantu, one half of The Ascension, and NTS Resident, Charisse C draws her selections from her experience of existing between worlds. Rooted in her Zimbabwean and South African heritage, and raised in the UK, her taste is curious, soundful, and bass-heavy, with a playful and intentional demeanor.

BP Next Chart Kilimanjaro 560x560


Born in the UK with Zambian heritage, KILIMANJARO is known for combining Afro-centric rhythms with Western elements to create genre-bending records. Known for his high-energy performances and crowd-raising persona, KILIMANJARO is no stranger to starting parties and never fails to leave the night with new fans. He operates his own brand, KILIMANJARO MUSIC, which champions black, POC, female, and other marginalized creatives.

BP Next Chart Maruwa 560x560


Maruwa channels forceful energy, effortlessly blending trance, progressive house, hard-house, and techno in her own productions and on dance floors worldwide. Her signature sound combines the nostalgic elements of the ’90s and early 2000s, enriched with a modern twist. Now based in (and inspired by) Frankfurt, she has carved her niche with a number of multifaceted EPs on labels like Steel City Dance Discs and X-Kalay.

BP Next Chart Nala 560x560


Hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, Nala got her start playing in underground nightclubs where she developed a reputation as a reliable tastemaker and energetic performer. Her knowledge of house, indie dance, electro, and breaks. Currently, Nala is a hardworking member of the Los Angeles music scene. Her unique take on Riot Grrrl-style vocals and affinity for analog soundscapes helped garner the attention of the industry’s top producers.

BP Next Chart Olive F 560x560

Olive F

Olive F is an avid vinyl collector with a true passion for music. Living and breathing music as a fan and as a follower, Olive’s evolution into production and DJing was a logical progression after several summers in Ibiza and several years of record-collecting. Olive has so far released on Moxy Muzik, Seven Dials and Too Many Rules.

BP Next Chart Sinego 560x560


Sinego is the face of a new generation of Latin dance music. Sinego’s live show features himself as an orchestrator, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist alongside a band of virtuosic Latin-jazz trained keyboard and guitar players. As a DJ Sinego is known to mix regional Latin songs with underground techno selections, frequently DJing for 6+ consecutive hours.

BP Next Chart Stones Taro 560x560

Stones Taro

Stones Taro is a DJ/producer, based in Kyoto, Japan. He started his career in 2014 and has been active in the Kyoto scene, with some of the best releases on many of today’s hottest UK underground labels, from Scuffed Recordings and Time Is Now to Hardline Sound. Since 2017, has run NC4K, a dance music label from Kyoto, with Lomax.

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